GRAPHIC: New Images Released From New Year’s Terror Attack That Killed 39


New Years Eve is a world wide holiday that is celebrated with revelry and joy, but that celebration was cut short inside a night club in Istanbul, Turkey around 1:15 a.m. when a shooter appeared dressed as Santa Clause opened fire on a police officer who was guarding the front gate at the Reina nightclub. From there, he gained access to a club and then began going on a killing rampage.

“He entered the club and attacked innocent people who were there to celebrate the new year. It was a cruel, cold-blooded act.”

The gunman started his reign of terror outside of the club by opening fire on the passing vehicles and the few party-goers that were hanging around the front entrance.

The final body count was reported at 39 dead and 69 injured. Twenty-one of the dead have been identified. Of those, 16 were foreign nationals and five were Turkish. It  is believed that at least one gunman is on the run — it is unclear how many attackers were actually present, but all video footage shows only one assailant so far.

Although no group has taken claim of this shooting, officials are calling this an outright terror attack, as they should be. The Turkish Interior minister Suleyman Soylu stated,  “We are face to face with a terror attack.”

Soylu also said that “the efforts to locate the terrorist are ongoing. Security forces have begun the necessary operations. God willing soon (the attacker) will be apprehended.”
Below are photos from inside the club after the shooting:



Witnesses in the club said they heard a loud noise, then a security officer told everyone to get out.
One victim said he didn’t know how many attackers there were, but he saw one person and hid.
“I got shot in the (expletive) leg, man,” he told journalists in English as he was taken into an ambulance. “These crazy people came in shooting everything.”
A security camera captured the moment a gunman dressed in dark clothing dashed into the Reina nightclub as bullets ricocheted in the street.

H/T [ CNN ]


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