After Thugs Take Over Chicago and Kill 4300 People, Trump Puts Liberals To Shame With 1 Tweet


The crime in Chicago is out of control and it does not seem that it will slow down anytime soon. The nation was shocked after learning about the kidnapping and brutal torture of Austin Hilbourn by four thugs in the Windy City.

Shortly before this heinous attack Donald Trump sent a tweet that said the murder rate in Chicago was record setting.

Donald Trump is exactly correct with his assessment, and everyone in the country that has a brain knows he is correct. Well, it seems that someone else in Chicago agrees and is taking Trump up on his offer for federal help.

During an interview with National Public Radio this past Saturday, Chicago Police Board Chairwoman Lori Lightfoot admitted the city’s crime problem was beyond what the city could handle.

“We need to have more federal gun prosecutions in Chicago. Our federal partners from the U.S. attorney’s office, the ATF, the FBI need to be much more invested in this overall strategy. Chicago Police Department cannot tackle this issue by itself,” Lightfoot said. “This is not a problem that we’re going to arrest our way out of.”

She is exactly right, but I am not sure more government is truly the answer. The reason that crime and the murder rates are skyrocketing in Chicago is because of the insane gun control laws. These laws have not halted crime as liberal snowflakes predicted it would, in fact, it did the exact opposite.

It must aggravate democrats to hear someone in Chicago actually giving Trump credit and agreeing with him. It also shows that politicians even on the opposite side of the aisle are taking notice of Trump’s competence, and as we know that must piss them off.

If Trump is already winning over people now with his astute observations and strong leadership skills, imagine what else he will do once in office.

H/T [ Breitbart ]


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