SICK New Video Surfaces Of The 4 Thugs Who Kidnapped and Tortured White Teen


The Facebook live-stream torture of a young handicap white male has made headlines worldwide recently and the liberal hypocrisy is showing itself. Ever since these thugs were denied bail, the rhetoric has become increasingly more asinine. They have used every excuse in the book including saying the videos were altered, the suspects are actually white, and the white boy deserved it. The media has also reported that these four attackers were all good kids that have never been in any trouble.

Some on the left, including CNN’s Don Lemon and Democrat strategist Symone Sanders, have been quick to dismiss this racist act as nothing but idiot kids being idiot kids. Well, the internet doesn’t lie and now videos are popping up that show one of these evil thugs feelings towards white people.

In this video, that is dated October 22, 2016, it shows Tasfeye Cooper, 18, pointing a gun at the camera, and making explicit threats, which at least one was racially charged. During this YouTube video, Cooper looks at the camera and says, “BOOM, put a bullet in your white skull.”

**Viewer Discretion is Advised**

As mentioned before, the narrative from media, the Chicago Police Chief, and those that claim these four thugs were victims are now null and void. These 4 “kids” are nothing more than typical street thugs that are full of evil in their hearts. This video proves that long before they kidnapped and tortured Austin Hilbourn, they had some very serious issues.

I pray that this trash is punished to the fullest the law allows and that it sends a clear message to all that this behavior will no longer be tolerated.

Yes, these idiots are holding BB guns. The guns are not the issue. The mindset is.

H/T [ Young Conservatives ]


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