Obama’s WAR ON POLICE Continues With Sneaky Thing He’s Ramming Through Before Trump’s Inauguration


Ironically in the wake of the kidnapping and torture of a mentally handicap boy by 4 Black Lives Matter supporters in Chicago, Obama feels the need to push for overhauls of the police in Chicago and Baltimore.

That’s right. Obama blames the crime rate in the two most violent cities in America on the police and wants to push as hard as he can for a complete overhaul before Trump takes over. So, instead of addressing the crimes and those who perpetrate them the most in these two cities Obama is instead holding the ones who are trying to stop the crime as the responsible party.

Does anyone else think this is the most asinine thing ever, or is it just me?

The mainstream media is running with this story as a way to “outline police brutality against the black communities,” yet NO ONE wants to add or outline the black on black crime rates in these cities. NO one wants to admit that police in these cities have become desensitized to the supposed “plight” of the urban neighborhoods because police are tired of picking up the bodies of innocent children caught in the crossfires of the black on black crime, police are sick of calls to save women in these communities from crack dealers and pimps that beat them and rape them daily, police are tired of being accused of “murdering an innocent person,” when they are forced to shoot a suspect that is coming at them armed and dangerous!

Yes, SOME officers are inherently bad, just like anyone else. Some need to be locked up for life for doing horrible things. BUT when part of the protest chants are “stop generalizing all black people,” while they literally generalize all police officers I have no sympathy for them.

Obama should be using his remaining time on more important things like stopping the actual CRIME!!! He is a waste of flesh and he is only promoting the divide that he has already forced on this country for the past 8 years. Thankfully he will be gone soon and the rest of us will be able to start cleaning up HIS mess!

Check out how the mainstream media spins this move at MSN.


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