Obama Supporters Raising MONEY For Black Thugs Who Tortured White Disabled Teen



Two days after a video of 4 individuals kidnapping and torturing a young mentally handicapped man was live streamed on Facebook they were arrested. However, now these subhuman thugs have Facebook pages dedicated to freeing them from jail.

A page that claimed to be fighting against “Donald Trump’s America” and racism, has popped up and is called Free Brittany Herring.  The posts on this particular page it are absolutely asinine!

Check these out…


There have been MULTIPLE campaigns started to help a woman who filmed torturing a mentally handicapped man with her friends.


They claim that these criminals deserve their day in court because they are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, yet their guilt was recorded in multiple videos that they took and posted.


White privilege? Really? As if white privilege has anything to do with the crime that had been committed?

Here we go again with the no justice, no peace B.S.!

Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed of these pathetic “activists” if he were here today.

The only racism I see here is from those claiming that the “Chicago 4” deserve to walk free after almost killing someone simply because he was white. This page also has post’s that quote scripture saying that God told us not to judge, yet they say all white people watch Nascar which makes them racist?


There had even been a Fundly campaign started to help “free Brittany,” but thankfully it was taken down.

The “Chicago 4” deserve the death penalty for what they did, right alongside Dylan Roof. If they keep pushing with these outrageous antics this country will explode in violence like we have never seen before. The American people are FED UP with this disgusting behavior that has been fueled by race baiters and the Obama administration.

Black people on a large scale are tired of being lumped in with these thugs that are committing these crimes and they are coming out in droves to say so.

Share this and let’s get the point across that people period are sick of this crap.

UPDATE: The fund pages and the Facebook page has been shut done for now!!!!!!


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20 Comments on "Obama Supporters Raising MONEY For Black Thugs Who Tortured White Disabled Teen"

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are you f*cking kidding me… if these sites do not come down then the entity that posts this garbage needs to be banned from the internet for good… this is blatant BLM bullshit…


Never ban them. Let their idiocy be exposed to all. Reason will prevail.

russell sier

let her butt sit behind bar’s along with her friend’s that help beet up this disable boy. you guy’s ought to be ashamed of urself.

who cares

with niggers around =no peace

christine ZIELINSKI
Who is racist? you all need some education on what racism means first of all. then the Chicago Police department need to keep all of you locked up until your trial dates when you should be given the maximum penalty allowed by the law. This is why america has given BLM a deaf ear because the only lives that matter to them are Black lives and in Chicago we all know that is a big lie as it is all over the country where they continue to kill each other but still complain about White supremacy and Racism and reparations.… Read more »

Nobody cares what damn color their skin is. They committed and atrocity here and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law !? CREEPS!


They seem to care what color the victims skin is when they repeat f**k white people.

who cares

i care! fuck these niggers! every time they do shit like this tt should happen to them 3x’s as bad and in number!!


Here in lies the problem with them going to jail. If they do time in a prison in Illinois they will be looked at as heroes and welcomed in with open arms while reuniting with friends and family. Do us all a favor, have them locked up in a federal prison that has a work program tied to it.


You should rot in hell. Hillary’s folks are the ones starting bs. And you about to see plenty of time in prison.


They are 4 pos. Need to spend the rest of their useless lives in jail. The one who has 2 kids, those kids have a better chance of a better life without a pos mother like her.


I’ll send enough rope to hang all four at the same time!


They need to be scalped like they started doing to this young man! If their so against white people then place them in a jail of predominantly white people, oh wait there isn’t one!!!


The page is now gone.

Ed Glimpse

OMG. Look at the posts!! The ignorant ghetto trash posting this absurd trash can’t even write in decent English. ‘They’z’, ‘ruint’, ‘They’ out tomorrow, great English!!