Obama Gives Terrorists Who Vowed To Behead Americans 1 Huge SICK Gift Before Leaving Office


Anyone with half a functioning brain cell knows that Barrack Hussein Obama has committed treason against the American people during his time in office. Aiding and abetting the enemy is the textbook definition of treason, as this moron continues to dump out terrorists from GITMO, while giving billions to countries who have vowed to kill us, and putting Iran on a fast track towards a nuclear weapon. But what Obama just did for the very terrorists who promised to behead Americans if given half the chance will make you absolutely furious.

With exactly 2 weeks remaining in office, Obama is doing everything he can to put the screws to the American people while liberating “his people.” Earlier this week, Trump implored Obama to stop releasing prisoners out of GITMO, as these terrorists have vowed to kill Americans once they’re released.

Obama responded in the exact way a domestic terrorist would however, by rushing to release 22 more of his buddies from GITMO. While this has been his MO for quite a while, who these terrorists are will send a chill down your spine, as they all possess a very horrifying rap sheet that would make Allah and Obama extremely proud.

Breitbart News reports that Obama is releasing at least 2 dozen high-ranking GITMO terrorists before he leaves office, all extremely dangerous jihadists including a senior al Qaeda bomb-maker, two intended 9/11 hijackers, and a terror group’s top financial manager.

With Obama’s final act of treason against the American people how in the works, these 6th century barbarians will now be set free to roam the earth, intent on their mission to “behead more Americans.”

If after reading this you still do not believe that Obama has committed treason against the American people, I would suggest you check yourself into a mental hospital ASAP, so we can figure out what’s wrong with you. I’m willing to bet you have late stages of being a libtard, which unfortunately, deteriorates all known traces of the human brain.

H/T [Breitbart]


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