Michelle Whines About ‘Hardest Part’ Of Being First Lady, This Will Piss You Off


While we are all counting down the days that the Obamas are nothing more than a bad memory for this country, Michelle is busy doing interviews to whine about how “hard” her “job” as First Lady was.

Hard is what the every day American family deals with when our President makes living on an economic level impossible. Hard is when a fatally ill person dies because they couldn’t afford their treatments because their premiums went up 90% under a bogus healthcare plan. Hard is coming home a hero and getting abused and ignored by our Administration while terror inspired activist groups get governmental funding and promotion from the President himself.

Michelle Obama wouldn’t know hard if it came in the form of a metal bat upside her head! She and her man-wife waltzed into the White House with an attitude of self-riotousness that turned into American loathing within days. Remember she was angry that she lived in a house that she claimed was built by slaves? The lack of patriotism from this pair of ground-crawlers is appalling to me and most true Americans, and yet she has the gall to sit on television and whine about how hard it is to be a pampered paid for talking head? Try raising 3 kids alone while fighting health issues and keeping a roof over your children’s heads then we can talk about hard Michelle, until then…. sit down and shut the hell up!!

Oprah, of course, sits there pandering and nodding her head while Michelle blubbers about her harsh life!


The day the Obamas leave the White House for good will forever be the day we remember as the day that America finally took the trash out!

H/T [ Mad World News ]


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