French Government PISSED After 2 French Women Reveal How Muslim Refugees Are DESTROYING France


The Muslim immigrant crisis has taken over Europe and yet so many in the West still act like it’s not an issue. Videos surface daily of how the Muslim gangs are taking over entire towns in only a matter of a few months Germany, but what most people don’t realize is how bad it is getting in France.

Two French women decided to go against the government, breaking their silence and revealing how entire towns in France are now no-go-zones for anyone who isn’t of the Islamic faith. They have such control that their Sharia Law is being implemented to the fullest and the local governments can do nothing about it.

The two female activists show how they have been banned in many establishments and from walking on the streets simply because they are female, while the French government does nothing to stop it.

At 3 minutes into the video another woman reveals her disturbing life in France now that immigrants have taken over, where she wears dark clothing and no makeup to try to prevent the Muslim men from sexually harassing her.

“We erase ourselves. We are trying to be invisible,” she states.”


This next video outlines how the born-locals are becoming targets of the very “refugees” that they tried to help. White people are now targets simply for being white, and yet some Muslims are in fact white converts.

Back in January, Robert Spencer, who directs, a nonprofit that monitors Muslim extremists, stated that, “There are no-go areas not just in Paris, but all over France, where they are effectively in control.”

Soeren Kern, an analyst at the Gatestone Institute and author of annual reports on the ‘Islamization of France,’ reported that, “The situation is out of control, and it is not reversible.”

The Gatestone Institute has released many reports as they do research into the mass-scale takeover of muslims in Europe nd some of the papers they have put out will make you sick to your stomach.

I highly suggest you open your eyes and start researching. This isn’t good for anyone and Trump may be able to put a dent into it but he can’t stop what is already on our soil. Muslim training camps, Dearborn Michigan, The Muslim Brotherhood, Cair, they are all part of the collective plan. Get ready.


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