EXPOSED: Obama’s Secret Plan To ‘Wreck the Place’ Before Trump Moves Into The White House


I am not sure about you, but I have been counting down the days till Barack Obama leaves the White House. This has been a long eight years that has had more suspense and jaw-dropping moments than a B- rated horror flick. Though through it all, we knew that it would eventually end and Obama would go away. While everyone is beginning to plan their own inauguration parties it seems that Barack has some plans of his own and they are not pretty.

According to a former White House Senior Adviser Obama is so bitter that he has to leave the White House that he has plans to wreck the place. Pat Buchanan, who has all sorts of information on Washington D.C., has said, “[Obama] says let’s wreck the place before we get out.”

It seems that Buchanan had a feeling that Obama was up to know good when he had a secret closed door meeting with other democratic leaders.  The host of Newsmax TV, Steve Malzberg, shared what happened behind that closed door meeting.

Malzberg revealed that Obama said, “Punish the Republicans, don’t rescue them, don’t help them replace Obamacare, do what the Tea Party did, go have town hall meetings.” Malzberg also added that “he’s acting like a sad narcissist that won’t let go.

If there was anything that we have learned about Obama is that we know he is all about his ego. This election was a HUGE slap in the face of this egomaniac since he is witnessing all of his “accomplishments” beginning to end up in the scrap heap. Buchanan warns that these last two weeks are going to be very dangerous since he is extremely bitter.

“Here is a man who has been rejected and repudiated and I’m astounded that he is letting it show like this. As a departing president, I have seen very few who have gone out with the kind of bitterness he has with a kind of let’s wreck this place before we get out and let’s leave all these land mines in here.”

Watch the it all here:

There is no telling what else Obama will do in these last two weeks. One could only hope that he does not inflict any more damage on the country, but we know that is not his character.

What do you think?

H/T [Mad World News ]


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