EPIC: Trump Publicly HUMILIATES CNN Reporter After They Push Hoax About Russian Hookers [VID]


After an entire campaign season of CNN and other mainstream media outlets slamming President-elect Trump for every little thing.Though these liberal shills made a serious mistake in assuming that Trump would ever allow them to get away with it.

During Trump’s press conference today, he decided to take questions from the press as he normally does. However, as he was calling on reporters he came to one from CNN and what he said to them has conservatives cheering.

Trump completely dismissed CNN correspondent Jim Acosta during a press conference Wednesday in New York. Acosta attempted to shout out a question to Trump, who was railing against CNN for publishing a fake story on Tuesday. Trump had been presented with a report by intelligence officials that claimed the Russian government had compromising information on him. Trump

Then told Acosta that he would not call on him and then said, “You’re fake news,” 

Watch the exchange here:

CNN’s Jim Acosta then went on live-stream to report that Trump’s White House press secretary threatened to throw him out of the press conference for “asking a question.”


No you whiney liberal, Trump called you out for your sneaky journalistic tactics. It is about time that someone stands up to these news-bullies and hold them responsible for the damage that they have done to this country. If it starts with Trump and CNN’s bogus reporting then so be it.

I do believe that Donald Trump essentially just told CNN “YOU’RE FIRED!”

H/T [ Washington Examiner ]


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