[WATCH] Adult Store Workers Attack Robber With Unconventional Weapons That Leave Him Humiliated


Two women in a California adult store were held up at gunpoint during an armed robbery attempt, and what they used as a weapon against the assailant is making headlines.

The incident begins when a man on the surveillance walks into a San Bernardino sex toy store with a gun. But unfortunately for him, one of the store’s employees was smart enough to realize the gun was fake.

At this point, and one of the angry women grabs a nearby object and begins using their inventory as weapons and projectiles against the man.


The would-be robber finally gives up and leaves the store empty-handed, but not before he is completely humiliated after being pelted with dildos.

Props to the two employees for not only being quick-witted but also for their choice of deterrents.

As funny as this story really is please help identify this man by sharing so that the Police can hopefully catch this moron.


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