Thug Brags About Wanting To Killing a Cop On Facebook, Hours Later, THIS COP IS DEAD

This is horrible!


There was a massive manhunt underway for suspected cop killer who was considered to be armed and dangerous is now dead according to Pennsylvania police.

Last night, authorities confirmed that Trooper Landon Weaver was shot and killed by James Robinson, 32 years old, around 6:30 p.m. in Juniata Township, Pennsylvania.

The events that occurred last night are troubling to the least. Trooper Weaver responded to a “domestic-related incident” when the fatal shooting took place. The area surrounding where the incident took place has already been sealed off as the police search for Robinson.

The Pennsylvania State Police released Robison’s photo along with this statement:

James Robinson
James Robinson

HUNTINGDON COUNTY: The Pennsylvania State Police is currently searching for Jason Robison, 32, in relation to the shooting of a Pennsylvania State Trooper. The incident occurred on Bakers Hollow Road in Juniata Township. Robison should be considered armed and dangerous. It is believed that his hair is currently dyed purple. Anyone coming into contact with him should call 911 immediately.

Robinson had made his feelings known to the police for weeks leading up to this tragic incident. Here is one post that Robinson made on Facebook which was dated just a little over a week before this terrible shooting took place.


Robinson has had several arrests ranging from assaults to arson.

Sadly this sentiment is all over social media by liberals and those in the anarchy movement. They appeal to those who have had arrests and stir up their anger from their own bad choices and preach that cops are the issue.

This officer was investigating a domestic abuse situation when he was murdered by this thug. Weaver’s life was snuffed out when he was out protecting someone by this callous individual. I cannot say that I am sad that Robinson is dead or that I feel sorry him. However, I can say that I feel bad his family and those left behind that have to deal with the fallout he has created.

My heart goes out to Trooper Landon Weaver’s family and friends, and I can only hope that they are able to take comfort in knowing that Robinson is no longer a threat.

H/T [ Fox News ]



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