Obama’s VA Does Something SICKENING To Veteran’s Corpse

It's absolutely sickening that those who sacrifice the most would be treated in such a manner.


Obama ran on the promise to fix the Veterans Affairs (VA) before he became president. But with just a little over a month before Obama leaves office, that promise has obviously fallen flat on its face, as scandalous stories continue to emerge about this horrifying organization. The latest thing involving the VA is so disgusting, it’s sure to leave another stain on this president, who as these brave warriors’ Commander-in-Chief, has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring their care.

We’ve all heard the horrifying stories that have emerged from the VA, from budget mismanagement, to improper scheduling practice, to lack of accountability, and even extreme coverups which were brought to light in over the years. Obama knew of the widespread suffering, as he visited Soldiers in 2015 and told them that he “had their back,” after so many veterans were dying in long waiting lines after waiting to be treated at these facilities.

“It’s important that veterans know that somebody’s got their backs, and that, if there are problems, that we’re not being defensive about it, not hiding it,” Obama told our veterans.

But like everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth, that too was a big fat lie. Not only have these facilities gotten worse on this president’s watch, but a story emerging from Florida sounds like something from a horror movie. If it wasn’t bad enough that our brave warriors were treated abominably by the VA during their lives, now the VA is doing something sick to their bodies after they pass.

The Blaze reports that the VA staff at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Florida left a body in a shower to rot, after failing to follow proper pickup procedures to the morgue. The investigative report revealed that leaving the body unattended for that duration increased the change of decomposition, since the body was left there for 9 hours. Of course the hospital’s lame excuse was simply that it “wouldn’t happen again.”

“We feel that we have taken strong, appropriate and expeditious steps to strengthen and improve our existing systems and processes within the unit, ”Hospital spokesman Jason Dangel said.  “It is our expectation that each veteran is transported to their final resting place in the timely, respectful and honorable manner. America’s heroes deserve nothing less.”

After an investigation, officials found that hospice staff had requested a “transporter” to get the body, but for some reason, the request for a dispatch take the body to the morgue was never made. Instead, the body was moved to a hallway, and then later to the shower, where it was then left unattended for over nine long hours, where it horrifically began to decompose. The investigate report said the hospice staff “demonstrated a lack of concern, attention and respect for the veteran.”

“The investigation also found that staff failed to check a 24-hour nursing report that would indicate whether the death was reported properly, and staff failed to update a nursing organizational chart that hampered efforts to determine who was in charge,” The Blaze went on to report.

It’s absolutely sickening that those who sacrifice the most, returning home from war physically and mentally broken, would then have to be treated in such a disgusting manner by not only this disgusting organization, but also our president, who obviously has better things to do than make good on his promise to take care of our veterans had “have their backs.” But we all know where this president’s priorities lie, and it’s never been with our service men and women. Hopefully once Trump takes over and this piece of crap vacates our White House permanently, our Soldiers can be put back at the top of America’s priority list where they belong.

H/T [Breitbart, The Blaze]



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