Obama Seizes Control Of Media As Liberals Find Sneaky Way To Fight ‘Fake News’


Ever since Donald Trump won the election, liberals have been latching onto a ridiculous notion about Trump being in league with the Russians, who supposedly worked with alternative media sources to push out “fake news” that cost Hillary the election. While they have no facts to back the hysteria they’re pushing down Americans’ throats, something very disturbing was just snuck into a bill that Obama is getting ready to sign, that will blow a massive hole in our First Amendment rights.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is United States’ federal that lays out the budget for the United States Department of Defense. It also determines the agencies responsible for defense, and establishes who will be funded, while setting priorities for how the money will be spent. While that sounds all great and wonderful, liberals have just snuck in something disturbing into the NDAA for fiscal year 2017, that is a direct onslaught to our First Amendment Rights. Disturbingly, it’s already passed both the House and the Senate, and only requires Obama’s signature for it to become the law on the land.

Recently, the Washington Post published a hit piece on Donald Trump, where they asserted that “Russian propaganda effort helped spread fake news during the election.” The article was later entirely debunked as yet another ridiculous conspiracy perpetrated from the left, as a way to discredit Conservative media outlets, who were paramount in calling out Hillary for her corruption during the election.

Even though this “fake news” hysteria is a complete fabrication, Hillary has been busy lately pushing the very same rhetoric. She recently pressured Congress to do something about the issue with “fake news,” and along with her and Obama’s latest ridiculous battle cry, it appears as though people within our government are now listening.

An investigator from Before It’s News recently delved into a disturbing piece of legislation called 3274 Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act, which would work to prevent foreign countries from propagandizing Americans with information.  Under this bill, the government would create a group of “journalists” who they would personally train. This panel of individuals would then be given the responsibility to monitor news sites, and determine who is pushing out “propaganda” and “disinformation.”

While it might sound great on the surface as a way to keep foreign governments from influencing us with their propaganda, this law would also directly affect alternative news media outlets too, which the left has been so vocal about labeling as “fake news” lately.

But here’s where the government is being extremely sneaky. Bill 3274 was only introduced, and never even went before Congress. But under the umbrella of the NDAA, they have taken ALL of the verbiage of this highly disturbing bill, and made it part of the NDAA for Fiscal Year 2017! This has not only passed Congress and the Senate, but only requires Obama’s signature in order for it to become cemented as law for the new and upcoming year.

Investigator Lisa Haven breaks it all down below, so you can get spun up on all the technical aspects of what they’re doing.  It’s nothing short of chilling:

Our government is taking a page straight out of the Nazi and Marxist playbook. Once they are able to control our media by silencing those who they label as “propaganda,” not only are our First Amendment rights completely destroyed, but they will be able to control the masses with THEIR disinformation and propaganda!

H/T [Beforeitsnews]


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