Obama Rubs Russian Ambassador’s Assassination In Putin’s Face After Cameras Catch Him Celebrating

I wonder how Putin will respond?


The country of Russia was left reeling on Monday after the Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot and killed by a Muslim terrorist. Rather than offering his condolences to Vladimir Putin, Obama quickly looked for a way to insult Putin in the biggest way possible by celebrating the tragedy. And with tensions between America and Russia already on the brink of catastrophe, Obama’s reckless actions just a month before he leaves office could spell disaster for Donald Trump once he gets into office.

You can tell a lot about a leader by the way that they react whenever tragedy strikes. When American journalist James Fowley was publicly beheaded by ISIS terrorists, Obama flippantly headed to the golf course while the rest of the globe was completely distraught over the unspeakable horror they witnessed as the beheading was broadcast across the world. So on Monday when more of Obama’s Muslim buddies committed dual acts of terrorism, with a separate incident in Germany at a Christmas market that left 12 dead and 48 injured, Obama couldn’t have been more pleased.

Rather than making a public statement about the senseless tragedy that struck 2 parts of the world by the Muslim terrorists he seems to hold in such high regard, Obama snubbed his nose at Putin and the rest of the world, where promptly after hearing the news headed to the golf course to whack his balls around, continuing his vacationing party in Hawaii.

As global news was dominated by both the Russian ambassador assassination and the terror attack in Germany, the bad optics of Obama heading straight to the golf course could have large-scale implications on America’s foreign policy in the near future, as Obama continues to poke at the Russian bear, eager for an all-out war to ensue.

Obama has done everything in his 8 years in office to destroy America, and with just a month remaining until he vacates the White House, he doesn’t show signs of letting off the gas now. It will be interesting to see how Putin reacts to Obama’s celebratory golf round as his country was left distraught in the aftermath of this horrific events. With Obama already threatening Putin with financial sanctions and a full-out cyber war after blaming Russia for “meddling in the U.S. elections,” you can be sure that his reaction following this terror attack was another way to give Russia the middle finger before leaving office.

H/T [Mediate, CNN]


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12 Comments on "Obama Rubs Russian Ambassador’s Assassination In Putin’s Face After Cameras Catch Him Celebrating"

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I think Putin is smart enough to realize America is replacing the Muslim with an up and coming world leader and not hold Obama’s arrogant disrespectful attitude again Trump. I believe Putin and President Trump are two men that aren’t going to be playing when it comes to these attacks. America has a real leader now and it’s going to be a different ball game and the world knows it.

Ed Glimpse

Well said and right, Linda!!!


Obama relishes in these attacks, after all, he’s one with them…..he is a Radical Muslim!

Lee Lang

Putin is waiting for the adult to move into the WH just like we are. He is probably as tired of dealing with the children that have been in charge for the past eight years as we are. Jan. 20, 2017 cannot come soon enough!


Hay, a tee time is a tee time! Can’t be missin’ that. Besides, Obama’s alligator mouth usually strays far from his chicken tail so better he be like TarBaby and don’t say nuttin’.


What did you expect?? He allowed and maybe watched Ambassador Stevens be murdered in Libya and did absolutely nothing.

ronald limbock

I believe that Mr Putin is too smart to actually believe that Obama reflects the opinions of the real American people. He knows he can calmly deal with President elect Trump when he assumes office. I have faith that Trump will do more for Russian/American relations than any President since Reagan. Obama is against the American citizens and we all know it. Surely, Putin does as well.

Manual Paleologos

I don’t think Putin much cares what the Chi Town Bag Boy does at this point. The mope has become mainly insignificant, a pisant.


Please tell me why Obama’s are still in the WH? I hope they get what they deserve and the Clinton’s too.


Where’s the KGB when you need them


obammy is just setting it up so in a couple years they can say it’s Trump’s fault. bill clinton did the same thing with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Hand out loans for homes people couldn’t afford, then when the housing market crashed it was the Republicans who were in office and took the blame. Just typical liberal BS.