Obama Elicits Muslim Terrorists To SCREW Trump And The ENTIRE Country Before Leaving Office


Throughout his presidency, Barrack Hussein Obama has committed treason against the American people. If dumping terrorists out of GITMO to return to terrorism or aiding and abetting our enemies with billions in aid wasn’t enough to convince you, what Obama just pulled in his last month in office will make you a believer. Even his most staunch supporters can’t explain this one away, because it puts every single American in grave danger for a terror attack by Muslim extremists.

Thanks to Obama and his refusal to do anything about our Southern Border that’s riddled with large gaping holes, terrorists our pouring through our border on a daily basis. Muslim extremists are also taking advantage of our lackadaisical immigration policies, since our vetting process for who comes into our country is incredibly weak. Donald Trump sees the writing on the wall as terror attacks continue to riddle countries of Europe, and not wanting America to suffer the same fate, has discussed plans on halting immigration from terror hotbeds in the Middle East as a way to keep terrorists from committing massive jihad on our soil.

However Obama, frantic to keep the influx of Muslims coming to America at a steady pace, is fighting back. Fearful that Trump could soon ban Muslim immigrants from the United States, Obama has just done something so unbelievable, it’s truly beyond belief. Obama announced on Thursday that he would be putting an end to the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, or NSEERs, the program that was started after 9/11 to prevent terrorists from entering into the country. The program, up until Obama destroyed it, required men and boys from the Middle East to register with the federal government upon arrival, as a way to track them in case they turn out to be extremists.

“The decision to end the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, or NSEERs, comes amid growing international terror fears and Trump’s suggestions that he could ban Muslim immigrants from the United States. After a truck attack killed 12 in a Christmas market in Berlin this week, Trump told reporters, ‘You know my plans,'” the AP reported.

Once again Obama and his treasonous Muslim-pandering antics are on full display. This idiot gives zero craps about the safety of Americans, now willfully making it easier for Muslim men from terrorist hotbeds to flood our country. This president has failed in his most basic presidential duty which was to protect the American people, not mentioning that this latest move is borderline treason. This power move is additionally a way to put more obstacles in Trump’s path as we get closer to the transfer of power on election day. Trump will no doubt have his work cut out for him once he takes over on January 20.

H/T [Gateway Pundit, Baltimore Sun]


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Historians, very soon, will be writing volumes on how Obama was the first American President that could be tried for Treason.


Historians will be writing volumes about Obama. A common interpretation will be that he was the first President to be suspected of TREASON.