NASTY Liberal Leaves Woman Stranded In Snow Blizzard After He Sees What’s On Her Car

The tolerant left strikes again!


The left always says that they are tolerant, compassionate and loving, but as we know that could be further from the truth. If there was anything that was revealed after this election it was that the liberals have proved what idiot crybabies they really are. Since the election, there has been non-stop whining and crying from the left since Donald Trump’s win, but now they have taken their hate to whole new level.

One man decided to take his hate out on a stranded motorist all because she had a Trump sticker on her car. Troy Brown proudly boasted on Facebook that he does not help “Trump supporters, rapists, trafficking, or murderers” which is why he drove right past her.

Brown also said earlier on his page that he was a HUGE Bernie Sanders fan and that he only believes in “peace and harmony.”

Here is the post and video:


Let me get this straight Brown says that he only believes in peace and harmony yet does not practice what he preaches? Of course, that is how the left always reacts and it will not stop anytime soon. The left only believes that they are the ones that are compassionate and if you do not believe in their ideology you are hateful and racist. They seem to think that if you do not agree with someone that means you hate them which is of course very childish.

Brown’s post on social media is a prime example of this very childish behavior. Instead of helping the woman and showing that he truly believes in peace and harmony he just perpetrated the exact behavior he says he is against. Whether or not he does not like Donald Trump does not mean he has to leave someone on the side of the road stranded. However, this is just what Barack Obama has done to this country when he divided us all into different groups.

I can only hope that under Donald Trump’s leadership we can unite together as Americans again, and not be divided.

What do you think?

H/T [ Daily Mail ]


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