Muslim Man Kills His 8-Year Old Bride On Their ‘Wedding Night’ In Most Horrifying Way

Where's the liberals on this story?


Another disturbing story surfacing from the “religion of peace.” An 8-year-old girl has recently been reported dead after internal injuries were inflicted on her during her WEDDING NIGHT!

That’s right, her ‘husband,’ a 40-year old man took this innocent child and raped her to death. There are many reports that outline the vile things that were done to this poor girl, but we can not verify any of them in depth other than it being confirmed that her internal injuries were caused by the “consummating of her marriage.”

Rawan, as the girl is referred to, was a citizen of a tribal area of Hardh in northwestern Yemen, located on the borders of Saudi Arabia. Another child bride wedding was also reported as taking place on the same day. The second little girl was forced into a marriage with a man 5 times her age.

As a result of Rawan’s murder, human rights organizations are calling for the arrest of the man, but there is no word that this will ever come to be. Why was no one calling for this sick pedophiles arrest and the arrest of her parents prior to her death? Oh that’s right, it is “acceptable” for muslims to marry and rape children.

Mass weddings with children, burning of women for no real reason, stoning and throwing of homosexuals off of building…”religion of peace, my ass! This is what they want to bring into our country!!

I personally say, HELL NO! This has to stop. Not just from coming here, but altogether.

H/T [ Daily Mail UK ]


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