LOL: Here’s What Bill Clinton Is Blaming For His Wife’s Loss: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

You've got to be freaking kidding me!


With the U.S. presidential election certified, the Clintons are at it again, beating an old horse and blaming everyone but themselves. Former President Bill Clinton blamed “angry white men” and FBI Director James Comey for his wife’s loss.

During an interview with The Record-Review, a weekly newspaper serving Westchester County in New York, former President Bill Clinton said Donald Trump won the election because he knew “how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

Clinton didn’t hesitate to insult President-elect Donald Trump’s intelligence while naming the key factors that he feels played a part in his wife’s defeat. One of the top items on his list was the alleged Russian hacking into the emails of the DNC as well as Hillary Clinton’s top aide John Podesta. He says, “You would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on.”

He also blames Comey’s decision to reopen the email probe just a week before people headed to the polls damaged Hillary’s campaign.

Fox News reports:

Former President Bill Clinton mocked President-elect Donald Trump’s intelligence, said “angry, white men” helped secure his victory and blamed FBI Director James Comey for Hillary Clinton’s November defeat during a spontaneous Q & A at a New York bookstore earlier this month.

“He doesn’t know much,” Clinton said when asked if Trump was smart. “One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

“James Comey cost her the election,” Clinton said during the lengthy discussion.

As usual, Bill Clinton decided to blame an outside factor instead of looking at why the Democrats lost the election and also lost over 900 seats since Obama became president. The Clintons have long relied on “identity politics,” name-calling and pointing the finger to win their prestige and positions in government office.

However, this time revelations from Wikileaks and the growing popular movement saw through their gaze-shifting act. The only question that remains is will America demand and receive justice for the alleged crimes revealed through the leaked emails.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]


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Gosh isn’t BiBill looking old! He’d need more than a cigar to satisfy Monica now! I doubt that Trump is thicker than GW Bush! He was such a dumb arse.