LMAO: The Embarrassing GRAND TOTAL Hillary Spent To LOSE The Election Was Just Revealed

It must be such an incredibly hard pill for Hillary to swallow not only losing to Trump, but setting a record on the most spent on a losing campaign in the process.


Following the election, Hillary has been the sorest loser imaginable, secretly pushing for a recount effort in key swing states. While she continues to seethe and lick her wounds following her shocking loss, the number that she spent to lose was just revealed. Embarrassingly for Hillary, the staggering amount of money she spent to lose was twice what Donald Trump spent to win, setting a shocking new record that isn’t one to be proud of.

Throughout the presidential race, critics told Trump he had to spend at least $1 billion to win. Trump not only laughed off this assertion, but then shelled out $66 million from his own pocket, while telling everyone he didn’t need to spend as much money as his opponent, since he was constantly in the public eye. “I just don’t think I need nearly as much money as other people need because I get so much publicity. I get so many invitations to be on television. I get so many interviews, if I want them,” he told his critics. 

Hillary on the other hand was frantic to get coverage, and went on an insane campaign spending spree, thinking that if she outspent her opponent, it would automatically give her the political advantage. In a frenzy to win, Hillary’s campaign tore through $131.8 million in the final weeks of the campaign, in the end wracking up an astounding $1.2 billion in total campaign spending. Even though her $1.2 billion was twice what Donald Trump spent on his campaign, as we all know, that amount would hilariously end up being the amount of money Hillary would spend to lose.

Trump went on to confound his critics, making due with just $600 million in campaign spending. He even had $7.6 million left over after raking in his win, having more than enough to spend on his victory tour, where he’s been going from city to city lately thanking his voters and getting them excited for Inauguration Day.

Trump of course had a wonderful team surrounding him throughout the race, and Trump’s digital director Brad Parscale credits one key last-minute strategy with helping propel Trump to victory.

“The campaign and the Republican Party spent about $5 million in get-out-the-vote digital advertising targeted in the final few days at Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida,” The New York Post reported.  “It proved critical. Some of those states were won by razor-thin margins.”

“You think, what if we hadn’t spent that?” Parscale went on to say. “We might not have won.”

It must be such an incredibly hard pill for Hillary to swallow not only losing to Trump, but setting a record on the most spent on a losing campaign in the process. $1.2 billion is certainly nothing to scoff at. But that’s not the only embarrassing record that Hillary has set. Let’s not forget that when you consider the recent recount and her loss to Obama back in 2008, Hillary has gotten smacked with a loss 3 times!

H/T [NY Post, Breitbart]


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