Levi Strauss Just Gave Every Single Gun Owner In America The Big Middle Finger


The attack on gun owners is continuing and there seems to be no end in sight. Now another company has said that LEGAL gun owners are not allowed in their stores.

Levi Strauss, the iconic blue jean maker’s CEO Chris Bergh has penned an open letter on Wednesday requesting that gun owners leave their weapons at home when shopping in their stores. Bergh who is 59-years-old and a former Army captain, says that he is not a gun owner, and he consulted the liberal hippie from Starbucks before he wrote his letter.

Bergh states in his letter that a gun inadvertently discharged in a store, which injured the customer carrying the gun. Bergh went on to say that since they had stores all over the world and in light of the terror attacks he wanted to keep his customers safe.

Bergh states in his letter that, “The heartfelt and strongly-held opinions on both sides of the gun debate, we respectfully ask people not to bring firearms into our stores, offices or facilities, even in states where it’s permitted by law. Of course, authorized members of law enforcement are an exception.”

He continued on to say that,

“It boils down to this: you shouldn’t have to be concerned about your safety while shopping for clothes or trying on a pair of jeans,”

Of course, the gun control advocates are praising Bergh for his “common sense” action. Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action gushed over Bergh’s letter saying, “Levi’s invented blue jeans – and today they are not only reinventing what it means to wear jeans but also what it means to keep customers and employees safe in their stores, offices or facilities,” Watts then added, “This is common sense: No one should have to worry about their safety when shopping for jeans.”

While it is the companies right to make this request it is also my right not to give them my money. Accidents happen, and that is the risk we take when we walk out of our doors every morning. Maybe he is trying to minimalize them, but by saying this he has just made these store locations sitting ducks for criminals. I rather a good guy in a store if someone came in to cause harm than a wish and a prayer.

I guess this just another brand I can check off my list. What do you think?

H/T [ Guns.com ]



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