German Chancellor’s Love Fest With Muslim Refugees Abruptly Ends: Her Major Announcement Has Liberals SEETHING

Why is she suddenly changing her tune?


Germany has been thrust into absolute turmoil over the past year, thanks to German Chancellor Angela Merkel taking in over 1 million Muslim refugees. As her people continue to cry for the insanity to cease, she’s done nothing to stop the hostile takeover of her country. But in a startling twist, the German leader has just stuck it to Muslims in a huge way, in move that has many people seething.

Similarly to what’s happened to us here in America, the people of Germany are also being led by a disgusting vile leader who panders to Islam with little regard to the safety of those they were elected to protect. Chancellor Angela Merkel is truly the epitome of filth, as she continues to wreck her country with Muslim refugees who continue to rape and assault German citizens, while turning her back on the German people.

As Germans beg for the influx of these invaders to stop, not only has this pig of a woman worked directly with the media and authorities to censor the cries of her people, but she’s continued to double down on the insanity, by pledging to bring even more of these sixth century barbarians to Germany.

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-7-31-45-amBut now with the endless blood on her hands thanks to the degenerate filth she’s allowed to invade her country, many Germanys are rightfully pissed and calling for her removal. As a last-ditch effort to stay in power and secure a fourth term next year, her desperation has now kicked in, as she frantically tries to gain back the trust of her people and secure another term as chancellor.

In a complete 180 of her previous asinine policies, Merkel is now ruling out another refugee wave for 2017, while insisting that German law will take precedence over Sharia Law. But she’s not stopping there. She’s now calling for a complete ban of the burka and nijab “whenever possible,” singing her new tune in front of the CDU party during a recent speech that had the audience there giving her a standing ovation.

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-7-31-51-amWhat a crock of crap. Where was Merkel when a four-year-old child was gang raped by her lovely refugees? Where was Merkel when 1200 German women were sexually assaulted by 2,000 of her Muslim refugees in the streets during a New Year’s Even celebration last year?  Where was Merkel when a woman and her child were savagely dragged from their vehicle and beaten in the middle of the road by these screaming sixth century vermin? SHE DIDN’T FREAKING CARE. 

Hopefully the German people can see through Merkel’s ridiculous antics. The only reason she’s changing her tune now is so she can secure a fourth reelection and stay in power. Not only does this woman need to be removed from office, but she needs to be hung for treason. Anyone who honestly believes this woman has had a sudden change of heart, needs to get their head examined. To the people of Germany: it’s time to drain the swamp!

H/T [The Sun, CNBC]


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David McGee

It is time to kick Merkle to the curb and call it a bad learning experience.