Feral Thug Who Savagely Beat 94-Year-Old Female Veteran Just Got a MASSIVE Dose Of Karma

Karma has finally come calling!


Last week, a 94-year-old female veteran was running errands in Chicago, when she was suddenly ambushed by a violent 200-pound thug. After beating the tiny elderly woman to almost the point of death and taking off with her purse, karma has finally come back to haunt him after he made one single mistake last week that he had never counted on.

Last Wednesday, Josephine Regnier was waiting to meet up with her daughter to go run errands and was waiting outside of her building on Chicago’s Southside shortly before noon. It was a typical cold and windy day in Chicago, and so the elderly World War II veteran decided to go back inside the hallway of her building to keep warm. That’s when 26-year-old Olajuwon Claiborne set his sites on his frail victim, and his evil greed and demented nature set in.

Shoving frail little Josephine further into the building and away from prying eyes, he then proceeded to beat her so violently, it would leave her with a concussion, 3 fractured ribs, and a bruised face.

But the one thing that this feral thug had not counted on however, was that surveillance footage had captured his face after feeling the scene.  And as Josephine spent the next four long days slowly recovering from her wounds, images of the thug were being blasted out all over the internet for the world to see. And with the help of the internet and local police, it wouldn’t take long for karma to finally catch up to him.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-09-13-amJosephine’s daughter, July Dusk was on a war path to catch the thug who viciously assaulted her mother, and put out a little message of her own telling ABC 7:

“This man just came in the gangway and assaulted her, beat the s— out of her, took her purse and ran. She’s 94 years old. He didn’t have to beat her up. He could have just taken her purse and left. I don’t know what compelled him to do that. He’s a coward.”

Her daughter’s description along with the surveillance footage was all Chicago police needed to help identify the man and track him down. When authorities finally caught up to Claiborne, they identified him as the assailant in a string of other crimes in the area, including home invasion, robbery, and grand larceny, having used a stolen SUV to flee with Josephine’s purse before crashing into a garbage dumpster.

Cops were eager to throw the book at the violent thug, and with additional charges of the brutal assault now increasing his rap sheet to aggravated battery and robbery of an elderly victim, it’s enough to keep the thug locked up behind bars for quite a long time.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-09-22-amHopefully this a-hole will get a nice healthy dose of prison justice headed his way. He could’ve easily wrestled the purse from her arms and went on his merry way. But instead, he chose to beat her to the brink of death, as a sick way to take out his demented hate on an elderly white woman. Let’s hope he stays locked up behind bars where he belongs and never sees the light of day again!

H/T [Freedom Daily, Daily Mail]


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Prison isn’t good enough for this monster. He should have been beaten to a pulp and then put in prison.

David Huntington

Jail is not good enough for this Jiggaboo. He needs to be stoned to death by the family of the victim.

I’m so happy he this douchbag got locked up and we know it’s also a hate crime, but why not call it what it was! What about the guy Nick from Howard Beach queens NY who’s doing 25 years as a hate crime for beating this thug that happened to be a black and as Nick chased this thug down his block after he just robbing a car then was told that as teck got the thug and give him a beat down the thug told the cops called him called him a nigger as he started beating him. Truthfully… Read more »