Donald Trump Just Publicly B*tch-Slapped Obama And It Is Glorious



While most Americans were happily distracted celebrating Christmas with family and friends, the Traitor-in-Chief up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was busy screwing over one of America’s most cherished allies. Going along with the United Nations’ plan to give Israeli land to Muslim terrorists, Obama might’ve thought his plan was a success. But unfortunately for him, Donald Trump just flexed his muscles and his promise to Israel while publicly slapping Obama across the face has our man-child president absolutely furious.

As we previously reported, Obama went along with the United Nations Security Council that would ban Israel from settling parts of Jerusalem and the West Bank, effectively turning portions of Israel over to Palestinian and Hamas terrorist-controlled groups.

Israel was extremely distraught over Obama’s actions, calling the vote a “shameful” chapter in US-Israeli relations. But thankfully for America and Israel, Obama’s time to screw us over is rapidly coming to a close with less than a month now before Trump is officially sworn in as our new president.

Trump was just as pissed at the news of Obama’s antics at the United Nations,  and taking to social media on Wednesday, Trump publicly reassured Israel that we have their backs again, encouraging them to just “hang on” until January 20 when he officially takes over.


It’s so comforting to know that in just a little under a month we will finally have a president who encompasses the same values that most Americans share. You got to know that Obama is absolutely frantic that his entire legacy is about to be flushed down the toilet, which is why he’s only moving 3 miles away from the White House so he can try to control the Democrats in D.C. while undermining Trump’s presidency.

Even though we have Trump in office to hopefully restore America, we must be more vigilant than ever because Obama isn’t about to just glide away happily into the sunset while his treasonous policies are undone.


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Rick Carey

It’s good that Obama will remain close to DC. He’ll be easy to apprehend when he’s charged with treason.

Guess we see what happens when Black people enter the White House. the racists and bigots like you come out in full force. I get it, you ARE a illiterate, uneducated, black-hating racist turd that hates seeing black people in the White House. Trump supporters are “dumb, uneducated, delusional idiots pushing for change, regardless of what disaster may entail You are living proof of that. (like President Obama) am a staunch supporter and admirer of Israel. I challenge you to produce ONE statement out of his entire lifetime that shows a “hatred” of Jews. OR for that matter, ANY examples… Read more »