Camera Catches Soldiers HUMILIATING Obama By Doing 1 Thing For Trump They Never Did For Him


Over the weekend was the 117th Army-Navy Game in Baltimore, Maryland. Donald Trump chose to attend the game as the official President-Elect, and he was accepted and honored in a way that left Obama humiliated.

Obama snubbed his nose at our military men and women as president, only attending one out of nine games over the past 8 years. So he deserved everything that happened at the field over the weekend, looking like the useless  POS that he is.

Donald Trump has often been credited as an American-loving Patriot and our Service men and women clearly feel the same way about him. In the most Patriotic display seen in years, the Troops erupted as Trump entered the stadium; something they never did in any venue for Obama. It was made epically clear that our Soldiers are thrilled to finally have a leader that loves this country. A leader that fully supports our military.

It was an amazing sight to see almost everyone in the stands jumping up and down cheering loudly!

To add to how awesome it was at one point the entire crowd began chanting, “Make America Great Again!”

You know things in our country have gotten bad when even out Military chooses to outwardly insult their current “leader.”

Our country has been deprived for so long of the love, patriotism, and loyalty that once made America the greatest place in the world. In the past 8 years as Barack Obama has systematically tried to topple this nation singlehandedly by disrespecting everything America stands for, but the people are done with his so called “progression.”

It is time that America be brought back to it’s roots. God, family, and country.

H/T [ Mad World News ]


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