BUTT-HURT Obama Announces Plan To ‘Punish Putin’ Over Trump’s Win

Obama versus Putin...who's your money on?


Following Donald Trump’s win, the butt-hurt on the left has been massive, as we continue to see these idiots concoct ridiculous reasons why Hillary Clinton lost. But what Barrack Obama is doing now as a way to undermine Donald Trump’s legitimacy as president will absolutely make you sick, as Obama just revealed his how he plans to “punish” Russia for “hacking the election.”

If the push to censor conservative news sites by labeling them “fake news” wasn’t enough, now the insanity is reaching entirely new levels of ridiculousness, as the left continues to throw their child-like tantrums, determined to punish Republicans over Donald Trump’s win. The latest hysteria they’re pushing now is that the Russians “hacked the election,” and fed fake emails to Wikileaks, which according to them, is what cost Hillary the presidency.

While we would fully expect these childish antics from the talking heads up at CNN and MSNBC, what’s truly disturbing now is that the latest charge of insanity is being led by the clown in the White House, Barrack Hussein Obama.

You gotta know that Obama is in full-panic mode right now. In just over a month, Obama knows his entire legacy is about to be flushed down the toilet, as Trump has vowed to undo many of Obama’s signature and disastrous policies, including Obamacare and his illegal immigration policies. So it should come as no surprise that Obama is now joining the liberals in their witch hunt against the Russians, now pushing the ridiculous tinfoil hat conspiracy that the “Russians hacked us” as a way to undermine Trump’s legitimacy, and get the leftist morons out there all rallied up.

Coming out on Thursday, Obama vowed “retaliatory action against Russia” for “meddling in the US presidential election,” as he whined to NPR in a recent interview.

“I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing,” Obama told NPR.

Obama went on to describe potential “countermeasures” that the United States would take against the Russians for tampering with the election, saying that “some of it may be explicit and publicized and some of it may not be” as a way to punish them.

Obama went on to say that punishments for Russia could include financial sanctions, an online hack, or even ratcheting up tensions in a full-scale cyberwar. He then tried to act like his balls had suddenly outgrown Putin’s, bragging that he had confronted the Putin, informing him that a full smackdown against his country was imminent.

“Mr. Putin is well aware of my feelings about this, because I spoke to him directly about it,” Obama said.

The Russians responded to these baseless attacks from those on the left on Friday, with Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying that it is “indecent” for the United States to “groundlessly” accuse them of intervening in the elections.

“They should either stop talking about that or produce some proof at last. Otherwise it all begins to look unseemly,” he said.

We should seriously start a financial campaign to buy Obama and all the whiny liberals some cream to put on their butt-hurt. I suppose if Obama is going to “punish” the Russians for “hacking the election” he better get his ass off the golf course and do something quick, because he only has a little over a month to go to “war” with the Russians.



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As can be seen, Donald Trump has many enemies. His election is associated with the plan of God, and therefore his enemies will not defeat him. Let me remind here a fragment of an ancient vision: “And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that Hitler will attack also the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end. In the beginning there were no signs of such the ending of this war]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [hostility towards Christians. Soviet Union introduced state… Read more »

Lets just hope Trump can undo some of the disasters that were made by that one particular person we all know is against the working class. That same one that basically said we are not capable of tying our own shoes in so many words. He believes he is smarter and above the working class when he’s actually nothing more than a rotten apple in the middle of the barrel. We only have to remove half, thankfully.

David Nesbitt

Russia will take the hit and all will be well when Trump undoes the damage done by the criminal moron Obama and Hitler-y.

David Caligiuri
This video, of left leaning Hollywood is an example of the low life that can’t take a loss and are putting up a childish “hiss fit” because they didn’t get their way. They have some damn nerve, don’t these jack-asses know that we true Americans had to put up with, their, Obama without all the noise that they are making? And, we had every right to do it. The DumbacRATs and their liberal co-swine in Left la-la-land Helliwood and the Lame-Street-Media are doing all they can to bring down a legal, unbelievable victory for Donald Trump. First it was let’s… Read more »