Black Police Chief GOES OFF After Obama’s BLM Thugs Threaten His City


Thanks to Obama and his manufactured race war, racial tensions in our country are at an all-time high. Senseless attacks on our police continued to be carried out in our streets, as Black Lives Matter thugs  take out their hate and rage onto our police officers. One black police chief is breaking his silence after Obama’s thugs in his city threatened to kill police, in a rant will likely piss off Obama and and all his race-baiting morons.

If Obama really cared about black people being killed in America, he would set his sites on Detroit, Michigan, where a black man is 7 times more likely to be shot than any other homicide victim. But rather than decrying the actions of black-on-black crime, this president has continually made the issue about police brutality, using any incident to further his race war, despite the police officer involved in the shooting being justified to use deadly force or not

So when Detroit Police Chief James Craig learned that a thug in his city had spray painted threats to kill police, and was then set completely free of any terrorism-related charges, he had finally had enough, and went on a rampage during a press conference, speaking out against the judge who is furthering the race war in America, by letting the thug off scot-free.

“Detroit man, Stuart Horatio Lewis, 49, was charged with threat of terrorism, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and malicious destruction of a building after graffiti appeared on a commercial building in the 200 block of West State Fair Avenue,” Blue Lives Matter reported. “The graffiti threats against officers included, ‘Kill All Police’ and a direct threat against the Chief with, “Kill James Craig.”  Lewis has been incarcerated awaiting trial and on Tuesday the judge dismissed the terrorism charges against him.  Lewis will stay face charges of malicious destruction of property.

Rather than making an example of this would-be cop killer, Wayne County Judge Deborah Lewis Langston tossed out the charges against Lewis, further adding to Obama’s race war that has now police officers being slaughtered on almost a daily basis. Chief Craig said that the judge dismissing the charges will only empower others to act out against police, as his station continually has to worry about being the targets of another senseless attack.

“Certainly has an affect of empowering a suspect who says, I can threaten the police chief, I can threaten police officers because there will be no response,” the police chief said. “Judge Langston, an 18 year member of the bench, missed an opportunity to send a unified message that threats against police officers will not be tolerated.”

It’s truly sad that because of these race-baiting morons such as Obama, our police continually have to fret and worry if they’ll be the target of another of Obama’s BLM thugs. Hopefully when Donald Trump gets into office, he can help mend these racial wounds, and bring unity back to America once again.

H/T [Blue Lives Matter, Click On Detroit]


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I wonder if the judge would have been so lenient if the spray painted words said “Kill all judges?”