After 8 Years Of Obama Disrespecting Our Heroes, Triple Amputee Vet Slaps Obama With BRUTAL Goodbye Rant

Kolfage is asking that everyone shares his story in the hope that he and other wounded veterans can get the attention of Donald Trump.


We’ve all witnessed the horrific treatment of our military men and women under Barack Obama. After returning home from war physically and mentally broken, many of our heroes are then given the run around by Obama’s VA, as they suffer and wait for treatment. Now one of America’s most severely wounded heroes is breaking his silence, blasting Obama for the abominable way that he’s treated our veterans over the past 8 years in a rant that everyone can get behind.

On September 11, 2004, Senior Airman Brian Kolfage’s life would be forever changed. Koflage was on a mission during his second deployment in support of Operation Iraqi freedom, when a 107mm rocket shell exploded about three feet from him. Horrifically, Koflage lost both legs and an arm in the rocket attack, going on to be the most severely wounded Airman to survive in any war.

Since that fateful day, Koflage has gone on to lead a happy and productive life, surrounded by a beautiful wife and 2 children, where spends a large amount of his time working with charities for veterans, while being the advocate and voice that our veterans so desperately need.

screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-2-08-39-pmBut his new life with 3 missing limbs hasn’t been without its challenges.  Now relying completely on the VA to provide a wheelchair so he can get around, Kolfage is now breaking his silence about the abominable treatment that he has endured under this organization that is supposed to help veterans, and the president who ran on a promise 8 years ago to fix the VA. Kolfage took to social media to express his frustration of still not getting any assistance, after his wheelchair was broken earlier this year. It’s his hope that people will help expose the VA, and hopefully garner the attention of Donald Trump, who these wounded veterans so desperately need.

His post reads:

In August of 2016 I formally notified the veterans administration that my wheelchairs were broke, unsafe, and falling apart.

Paperwork was submitted and approved to get my wheelchairs replaced in September. They even sent the vendors to my house for measurements.

Today I sit waiting, calling and asking where in the hell are my wheelchairs? My only mode of transportation seconds from being gone. Should I just drag my @*s across the floor EVERYWHERE I go?

This is the same VA who took 6 months + a call to congress to replace a missing/broken $100 wheel on my same wheelchair. They wouldn’t even allow me to buy the wheel through a third party and fix it… because apparently I’m not competent enough to tighten a damn nut on a bolt. I can change a car tire, but hell no not a wheelchair tire! More BS of the govt trying to control our lives.

What, is the government this broke they can’t afford new wheelchairs for a triple amputee?”

Kolfage then pinned blame on the one person responsible, president Obama, who 8 years later hasn’t done a freaking thing for military veterans.

Over the past 8 years I’ve watched the VA go down that damn tubes, and you know who promised to fix it and didn’t… the outgoing president.

So while I sit here waiting and waiting using dangerously unsafe wheelchairs that are duct taped together, I hope you take the time to share THIS EVERYWHERE. This is just one story and one of many insane incidents I’ve faced with the VA, but there are thousands upon thousands of us being screwed over. If it’s happening to a triple amputee who’s pretty public with things, it’s even worse for those who don’t voice their concerns.”

Ultimately I want my new wheelchairs, but Im also so sick of the BS I deal with, that I want to help President Trump’s next VA leader make the proper changes. I need you to share this, help people see what’s going on, because it’s a damn clusterf**k of incompetence at the VA and it’s the exact opposite of what combat wounded veterans need.

He then went on to say that this is the very type of situation that make many of our veterans lose hope, as they are frequently forgotten by the very country they sacrified everything for.

People wonder why suicide rates are so high, it’s because of the VA; they do more harm to these guys coming back than good.

I’ve been in the VA trenches for 12 years now since I was wounded. I’ve used every program they have, and have seen what works and what doesn’t.

We need to fix the VA, I know how to make simple fixes that will make lives easier for veterans, and save tax payers money.

If the VA is going to get fixed, the trump transition team needs to hear our concerns and actually talk to veterans like myself.

It’s truly despicable that heroes like Kolfage who have sacrified so much for their country then have to deal with a president and a VA who ignores them in their time of need.. But of course Obama has had other priorities while in office, like releasing Muslim terrorists from GITMO, and committing treason against the United States of America.

Kolfage is asking that everyone shares his story in the hope that he and other wounded veterans can get the attention of our soon-to-be new president, and that Donald Trump will once and for all fix the VA that has deteriorated under our military-hating president.

H/T [University Of Arizona, Brian Kolfage]



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