WATCH: 100’s Of PISSED OFF Veterans Show Up After Liberal Asshats Remove American Flag



When liberal morons from a Massachusetts college voted to remove all American flags from campus, they were never prepared for the backlash that was going to happen. Close to 400 pissed off veterans decided to show up at Hampshire College in Amherst to protest the decision, giving these asshats a true taste of ‘Merica right in their ungrateful faces.

Hundreds of veterans showed up at the campus, chanting “raise of flag” much to the astonishment of the special snowflakes on the college campus. The New York Times reported:

Video taken at the event by Derek Cloutier, 34, a Marine veteran and a founder of the New England Veterans Alliance, showed American flags being waved on a campus green as protesters chanted “raise our flag.”

“It’s really two demographics clashing in a sense,” Mr. Cloutier said in a phone interview on Monday. “There are people that have family that have served or are veterans themselves, and then you have people who might not have anyone in their lives who might have served or don’t know anyone like that.”

It’s truly amazing how this generation of ungrateful brats will continue to enjoy the freedoms granted to them by the country they live in, while continuing to disrespect our veterans and our country’s emblem. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with young people these days? They really need some sense knocked into them in the form of a good old fashioned throat punch!


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Karla golbahar

Send them to another country!

Karla golbahar

Send the liberals to any other country. They will quickly find out that there is a flag uniquef