LMAO: Highly Inappropriate Explanations For Hillary’s Death-Like Appearance Have Liberals FURIOUS

OMG these are hilarious!


Before the election, Trump supporters were endlessly trolled by Hillary and her media, where they ridiculed us while laughing in our faces, continually asserting that Trump would lose by a landslide. After Hillary’s embarrassing loss, she finally reemerged on Thursday, after 10 days in isolation. When she made her public appearance, everyone was completely astonished by her appearance, and it didn’t take long for the rumors to begin to fly, as to why she looked so haggard. And these “inappropriate” reasons have Hillary supporters absolutely furious.

When sulking Hillary finally decided to make a public appearance on Thursday, people were immediately floored by what they beheld, as literally gasps of horror could be heard in the auditorium as she took the podium to speak for the Children’s Defense Fund.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-2-19-20-pmImmediately, pictures from her C-Span speech began to circulate on social media, and Trump supporters wasted no time taking the opportunity to troll Hillary on her appearance, while coming up with some incredibly hilarious reasons for her new haggard and death-like appearance.

Some began to theorize that Hillary’s pact with Satan had finally ended following the election, and that he had left her completely soulless. Here’s some of the hysterical memes and explanations on a public thread where people were asked for explanations on Hillary’s drastic change.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-2-19-26-pm“Even Satan found out she is a loser and left her soulless.”

“She looks possessed… my guess with all of the seizures and spirit cooking she is harboring a demon.”

“Mental breakdown mixed with booze and her Satan controlled spirit finally breaking out.”

“That is what happens when a soul leaves a body. Look at her… she looks all deflated and sh*t.”

“She has ran outta virgins to suck the soul out of!”

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-2-19-33-pm“Worshipping Satan and taking her anger out on foreign children.”

“She missed her monthly Satanic child feeding ritual.”

The Devil has claimed his bounty.”

“Mental breakdown mixed with booze and her Satan-controlled spirit finally breaking out.”

Others had more complex reasons for Hillary’s drastic appearance, suggesting that she’s been channeling Emperor Palpatine, and had finally joined the Dark Side of the Force.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-2-19-38-pm“Becoming a Sith Lord has bad transformation effects.”

“Judging by that photo, I would say she’s been shooting force lightening from her fingers while ensuring that the Death Star is fully operational.”

“Channeling the Dark Side!”

“I knew she was a Sith Lord!”

Others pointed out Hillary’s uncanny resemblance to George Soros, suggesting that perhaps they’re morphing into the same person.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-2-19-44-pm“She’s morphing into her Sith master, George Soros!”

OMG I guess pets do resemble their owners!”

“It’s George Soros’ twin sister!”

Someone even photoshopped their two faces together to prove how Soros and Hillary’s facial features actually line up.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-2-19-49-pm Others theorized that harsh substances were the cause of Hillary’s death-like appearance, including drugs and alcohol.

“Arguing with the New World Order while taking vodka enemas.”

“Binging on oxy and box wine.”

“She looks like she’s been getting drunk and hanging out in a cave somewhere.”

“Hittin’ the bottle and any drugs her doctor can put into those veins!”

“I guess that’s what you look like after a week of being drunk.”

“Drunken binge since election eve.”

“She’s been on a bender.”

“It’s back on the pipe.”

“I’m a drug and alcohol support worker, and I see lots of alcohol and maybe heroin.”

Some people’s theories on Hillary’s new look were completely random, but hilarious all the same.

“She must have borrowed Angela Merkel’s make up.”



“The ghost of elections past.”

“It’s called writing checks your ass can’t cash now. Many favors that can’t be given back. Many people asking what are they getting for their money.”

“Looks like that creature out of Lord of the Rings.”

“She had to molt her old skin off. The White House make up makeup team hasn’t had 12 hours to make her look quasi-human again.”

“Organizing Trump presidency protests.”

“They quit using her doppelgänger.”

“She looks like she’s been smoking crack around the clock since she lost! This is the real Hillary with no makeup artists plying their trade, no $12,000 designer pant suits and no injections to get her jacked up for public appearances.”

“Well it usually takes about a few minutes after you die to turn in the walking dead… she is clearly on a brains rampage.”

At this point in her life, Hillary deserves every ounce of backlash from the American people that she gets. Not only is this woman the epitome of evil, literally spending her entire political career murdering off opponents and selling out our country to foreign nations for money, she then spent the entire election season trolling us with her propaganda-ridden media, almost having everyone convinced that Trump never stood a chance.

Now in the wake of her embarrassing loss, instead of bowing out gracefully, Hillary continues to throw a tantrum, as it’s widely believed she’s behind the widespread #NotMyPresident riots, as her billionaire George Soros has recently been busted for orchestrating the chaos taking place in our streets.

If Hillary doesn’t like Americans ridiculing her, maybe in her next life she can come back as a normal and decent human being worthy of our respect. Until then, she can suck on it!


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