Google Punishes Award-winning YouTuber For Not Endorsing Hillary


No one can tell me that the left is not vindictive or cruel to those who do not follow their marching orders. If you do not believe, all you have to do is take a look at the Clinton body count. As we have all learned recently, is that you do not cross Hillary or you will pay dearly.

YouTube personality Phillip DeFranco — a.k.a. PhillyD has a strong following with over four million viewers on the social media sharing site. For over the past decade, he has made commentary and news videos and has won most recently a “Streamy Award” for Show of the &ear.

Well, one would think that since DeFranco is so popular he would be invited to YouTube’s yearly “YouTube rewind,”which honors exceptional talent. However, according to DeFranco, he was not invited, and the reason he states are purely political.

When addressing questions from his fans, the question of why he was not invited eventually came up. A woman named Charlie Gamache asked why he was not invited and this is what DeFranco had to say.

DeFranco responded by telling a hypothetical story about a company that owns a video sharing channel that asked him to create an endorsement video for a specific candidate, and upon refusing to do so, “theoretically” excluded him from its yearly celebration video.

We have all often wondered if the Internet search engine giant was silencing the conservative voice, and this could be the ammunition needed to make a case. Of course, Google denies that they have done such a thing, but considering that just recently they were accused of rigging search results, anything is possible.

It seems that the only good that has come from this election, is that we are now aware of where certain companies allegiance lies, and it is not with the American people or freedom of speech.

H/T [ The Blaze ]


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Pehsed Ghai

Right-wing lies! Nah, I’m playing. I am not surprised one bit.