BUTT-HURT HILLARY: Her Top Operative Caught Orchestrating Anti-Trump Chaos On Trump’s Property


It has been less than 48 hours since Donald Trump smacked the establishment into disarray. Now we are seeing the left reeling in absolute panic and lashing out in riots and destruction. Many could dismiss this as spoiled millennials acting out because they did not get their participation trophy, but there may have some help.

For years, we have heard of how George Soros has been a key player in bringing the destruction of our country. Soros has been implicated in rigging voting machines, hiring agitators to disrupt Trump rallies, and the list goes on. He’s also Hillary’s number 1 donor, and gave tens of millions to her campaign.

Now there are riots in the streets and it seems that good ole’ Soros and Hillary are back to their old tricks again. It seems that Georgie and his minions have been holding casting calls to stir up civil unrest after this tremendous upset to the establishment.

In an ad, that was posted on Craigslist you can see how they are asking for Hillary supporters to hold an Anti-Trump demonstration. They also ask for the person who is interested in this “position” to send in a picture and their details. I guess they want to make sure that whoever they hire is rabid enough to hold this insanity.


What is incredibly frustrating about this entire situation is that the Obama administration sits there and does nothing. This all could end the chaos with just a few words of calm by the president and Hillary Clinton. However, they sit there and allow this to happen and call Trump supporters the ones filled with hate.

It also does make me wonder if this is what they wanted to happen. That even though Trump won, they do not want to see him to take office. So what if they caused enough mayhem and civil unrest that it would cause Obama to call martial law, and well we know the rest.

I sincerely hope that is not the case, but when you are dealing with people who do not want to give up their power anything is possible.

What do you think?

H/T [ TruthFeed ]


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