BREAKING: NEW Evidence Shows That Podesta May Be A Child Abductor (VIDEO)


New evidence has just been revealed by Anonymous showing without a doubt that John Podesta and his brother were involved in the criminal kidnapping of a young girl. The video was just uploaded to YouTube and lays out all of the known facts while presenting a case based on both Wikileaks released emails and Clinton insider information that was posted on 4chan. This evidence is extremely hard to deny.

The evidence presented surrounds a single photo of John Podesta playing cards with a group of people. In the video, the narrator begins to make his case by referencing the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann who went missing in May of 2003.

Police artist renditions based on eyewitness testimony shows that two men and a woman were involved in the abduction. Ironically, those hand drawn sketches look eerily similar to John Podesta, his brother and the wife of pedophile billionaire, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The ironic similarities between the reported abductors and Podesta’s circle of friends is not the only evidence supporting his claim. The narrator shows how the little girl centered in the circle of poker players looks exactly like an older Madeleine. He also points out how the little girl appears to be sitting with her hands bound and tied.


The narrator then continues by orating of how a person claiming to be a Clinton insider visited the infamous 4chan anonymous message board for a brief question and answer session. In that session, the question arose, “What’s something we should look for?”

What’s something we should look for in the 33k emails (given that we’ll have time to go through them)?

Terms, certain words, money, etc?

The anonymous informant replied with a single word, “Cards”.


The video cites several emails released by Wikileaks. The first email shows Madeleine being referenced by name by John Podesta. Another email refers to Maddy as Mark Bittman’s girlfriend, even though he has a wife that doesn’t share that same name. Here is the email containing the card game.

Whether these allegations are true or false is irrelevant. The increasing speculative evidence being presented by internet sleuths warrants a serious investigation into these claims of child abduction and trafficking. It sickens me to even consider that these people were gambling for the prize of a young girl as the photo implies given the context presented in the video.


The video cited in this article was removed by the user for unknown reasons. On further inspection of the photograph referenced by the YouTube poster, it may have been removed due to false claims of the girl being bound by plastic ties.


We here at Fury News try to bring the latest breaking news to the public and by doing so often expose ourselves to the risk of publishing false information. At least we are willing to admit our faults while still attempting to discover and relate the truth of the original story to you, our readers.

However, the fact still stands that the Podesta brothers still have a remarkable resemblance to the police sketch of the two men that abducted Madeleine McCann and given the disturbing information found within the emails leaked by Wikileaks, these allegations should be investigated fully.


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Zoom into her eye! you can see the flaw that Madeleine is so famous for!

Her hands are not tied in the picture. She is curling her playing hand between her hands with her wrists between her knees. For her to be tied up would mean everyone in the picture is complicit in her abduction. I would also think that after so many years in “captivity” that she would be groomed enough to be free in the home. That girl is Megan Rouse’s daughter and looks just like her and her blood son. Google Megan Rouse Family and you will see a pic of all of them. Megan is John Podesta’s daughter, making the girl… Read more »

I’m sorry I can’t see what your on about his daughter look so nothing like that’s. Her has got a distinct mark in her eye.

Ted Leo

The vid is real.. Fury under fire.. This story is the biggest story in modern history.. It will come out and those on the right side of the issue will survive..those not will be reviled.. I’d rethink it Fury.. I’d stay on it Fury. These people will fall and are falling. Do you want to be loved for you input and help or hated for your caving to elites? ..your call..


come on, that card picture is really crap, she is way too old for an 11-year old.
as Jim says, probably Megan’s daughter.
the Maddeleine in the other email is referring to Madeleine Allbright which whom he had lots of meetings that time.

The only weird ‘Maddy’ is the one Tony is speaking about with regards to Mark Bittman. Can’t figure that out as his wife’s name is Kelly.