BREAKING LEAK: Hillary’s Emails To Daughter Chelsea Could Bring Her Campaign Down Even More



The Hillary Clinton email scandal just keeps getting better. This woman who has denied sending any classified information has been found out to be nothing but a liar. Now new information has been revealed that classified information was sent to her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

In an email thread, that was discovered by WikiLeaks between Hillary and Chelsea, who used the pseudonym, Diane Reynolds shows a very complicated relationship between the two. However, this email thread also reveals that sensitive information was sent to Chelsea Clinton.



Though many of the emails were innocuous chatter between mother and daughter, it also shows a deleted email that was sent in 2009.

The Daily Caller reported:

The Dec. 20, 2009 email chain, entitled “Update,” started with a message from Michael Froman, who served as a deputy assistant to President Obama and deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs.

The email, which is redacted because it contains information classified as “Confidential,” was sent to Jake Sullivan, Clinton’s foreign policy adivser at the State Department, and several Obama aides. Sullivan sent it to Hillary Clinton who then forwarded it to Chelsea, who emailed under the pseudonym “Diane Reynolds.”

This would not be the first time that Chelsea Clinton finds herself in political controversy. During the night of the Benghazi attacks, Hillary emailed Chelsea and attributed the terrorist attacks to a YouTube video, which was later found to be false.

For years, the media has said that Chelsea was off-limits from being scrutinized, but that is about to change. If Chelsea was in possession of classified information that fell into the wrong hands this could spell disaster for the Clinton camp.

This entire family needs to be arrested and tried for treason, and not stumping for the highest office in the land. I can only hope that these disgusting people will be held accountable for their crimes sooner than later.

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