Wikileaks Releases New Batch of REVEALING Emails… This Time It’s Not Who You Expect


In a new batch of emails released by Wikileaks, messages were exchanged between Barack Obama and former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson prior to Obama’s election in 2008. The emails show a transition plan taking place with the Bush Administration, set to put Obama into office prior to Obama being elected.

“As you have observed in your interactions with Secretary Paulson, he is apparently eager to involve you and your transition team extensively in his policy choices following the election,” an attached memo states.

Another attached memo dictates how unusual it is to start the transition process so soon before anyone was actually elected:

“We are now at the point of deciding how to staff economic policy during the transition, who should be the point of contact with Treasury and how to blend the transition and campaign economic policy talent. Normally these decisions could be made after the election, and ideally after the selection of a National Economic Advisor, but, of course, these are not normal times.”

John Podesta sent an email about a potential invitation from George W. Bush to the “President-Elect” while votes were still being cast on November 4th. It comes as no surprise that this plan was set in motion way before the American people actually had their say, and now it’s happening all over again with Hillary. It baffles me how the left is so willingly blind to what is happening right before their eyes. The truth is out there, but no one seems to care.

In another one of the emails, a Citigroup executive by the name of Michael Froman reveals a proposed “diversity list” for the potential cabinet. In his email he states the following:

A list of African American, Latino and Asian American candidates, divided between Cabinet/Deputy and Under/Assistant/Deputy Assistant Sectetary levels, as well as lists of senior Native Americans, Arab/Muslim Americans and Disabled Americans. We have longer lists, but these are candidates whose names have been recommended by a number of sources for senior level jobs in a potential Administration.

Why is this not national news? The severity of the information that has been coming forward is so revealing but no one bats an eye. Heaven FORBID though that someone like Donald Trump is thrown under the bus for making an off-hand comment. What does Hillary have to do to make these idiots WAKE UP?? Kill a puppy?? This is seriously ridiculous and I lose a little more faith in humanity every single day.



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