VIDEO: Onlookers Horrified When They See What Muslim Woman Left Inside Public Toilet


In the city of Khujand in Northwest Tajikistan, most of the public restrooms are nothing more than a dugout hole in the ground for people to do their “business.” One woman who visited one of these restrooms was seen doing more than just regular “business” however, when a man who was using the facility heard strange noises coming from the plastic bag that the Muslim woman had dropped into the feces-filled hole.

A dramatic video has emerged of the moment when two men decided to fish the strange package out of the hole, and what they found left onlookers absolutely horrified. The two men used large metal poles to pull the package to safety, and when they unwrapped it, they were shocked and appalled when they heard the cries of a newborn baby.

Onlookers said it was a miracle that the baby had survived with the plastic bag wrapped around its face, and if the two heroic men had not stepped in, the baby would have surely died within a matter of minutes. The 8lb 6oz baby was rescued and crying with its umbilical cord still attached. The baby was wrapped in a plastic sack until paramedics could arrive.There is currently no information on the condition of the infant, or if the mother has been found or not. 

The incidences of desperate mothers dumping their newborn babies into toilets has been increasing recently in the area. A father of six reportedly found an infant in a similar condition, wrapped in plastic and thrown into a public toilet in May in Kazakhstan. It is appalling that this culture is slowly being accepted in the West, seeing what these monsters are capable of. The left is constantly pushing us to tolerate and embrace their “cultural differences,” and it is truly terrifying to imagine what will happen if they succeed in swaying the majority of Americans’ opinions.



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