VIDEO: Obama Admin. Refuses To Explain Why Felon Visited White House 342 Times


Do you remember when Barack Obama told the American people that his administration would be the most transparent in history? Yeah, he really has not followed on that promise, among many others we have heard.

With each passing day we find out out more information on how Obama has made a mockery of our nation. The latest piece of information we have received is that a convicted felon, named Bob Creamer, has visited the White House 342 times since 2009. Also, out of those 342 times, Creamer met directly with Obama 42 times.

It turns out that Creamer is the man behind a tactic called “bird-dogging.” In case you were wondering, that means that people, such as the homeless, elderly, and even the mentally ill were paid to start violence at Donald Trump rallies.

Now those visits not only were with Obama, but also there was some face to face visits with Michelle Obama. Well, while that is of course concerning what is even more troubling is that White House press secretary Josh Earnest refuses to give a straight answer to why these visits occurred in the first place.

While the summer was gripped with violence at Trump rallies, and Obama did call for the violence to stop. However that violence was committed by democrats, so it seems to be rather sketchy all around.

Now of course this raises questions if Obama was aware of what Creamer did, but how could he have not? Considering that during Obama’s two presidential campaigns Creamer worked for the DNC and was a consultant.

This same “consultant” as mentioned before is a convicted felon, having defrauded nine financial institutions out of at least $2.3 million while running his failing non-profit organization.

It seems that the corruption of liberals goes all the way to the top, and if Hillary is elected as president no one will pay for the crimes that have been committed. The American deserve better, and we won’t get that under a Clinton administration, and it is about time the people were put first again.

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