UNBELIEVABLE: Postal Worker BRAGS About What He Does With Trump Ballots


A postal worker from Columbus, Ohio got on Twitter to brag about the deplorable thing he does to the Trump ballots that he comes across while he is at work. “I love working at the post office in Columbus, Ohio and ripping up absentee ballots that vote for Trump,” he tweeted.


Obviously, he stirred up quite a bit of outrage from Republican voters, some of which cited how what he is doing is a federal crime. Either this guy is a professional troll, or he really is just completely ignorant, as are most Liberals. One Twitter user by the name of Jackson Berger let this idiot in on a little secret: “Delay or destruction of mail or newspapers is a federal crime.” Another user was right on point when they told the postal worker “I hope you get fired!”


The Twitter user ended up saying that this was just a joke, but come on… He knew he screwed up and he is probably frantically trying to cover his tracks so he doesn’t end up jobless and in prison. Joke or not, it’s not funny. What do you think should happen to this person?

H/T[The Gateway Pundit]


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22 Comments on "UNBELIEVABLE: Postal Worker BRAGS About What He Does With Trump Ballots"

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Don Brookover

Well, it’s a Federal crime. So it would have to be peosecuted by a Federal prosecutor….what to you think the odds are of that happening? Obama owns the Department of “Justice”….


Americans need to pull together and make these people be held accountable for their crimes!!

Sean Murphy

Federal Job,destruction mail is a federal crime, investigate and crucify him. Not sure how he can be a mail carrier and be ignorant of the role of his job and that destruction of mail is a federal felony crime, but then again Hillary held a high office and didn’t know that “c” meant confidential….. we need to stop pandering to this ” I didn’t know” mentality and hold people appropriately accountable.

Jeanne Roe

And he gets paid bookoo bucks for doing it…probably Postal salary AND from Soros


Fire the bastard. That is a crime.


Typical reporters. Did it ever occur to you that there is no way to know which ballot was for Trump from the outside? Duh. If he opened them, which clearly he didn’t after opening if they were for Killary there be no way to submit it. Maybe this was just click bait and not even just an attention seeker. SMH


In WA state, which does all voting by mail, you write in your party choice on the OUTSIDE of the envelope. It’s required!


Not true! I’m in Wa St. AKA #GreatNorthWest Got places you can go vote at! And or Mail in! I filled mine out put in sealed envelope! Don’t know where you got & or heard that info you posted!

City carrier

It’s called ppl with trump signs in their yards that pretty much says hey I’m voting for trump..

Larry Sells

If this is real, and is a real postman he should be imprisoned for breaking the law.


I don’t think absentee ballots have been sent out yet? AND there is no way this guy would know they are for Trump…….. unless he opened each and every one of them.


I want to know how he would have knowledge of who the ballot was for….If its for Hillary….no problem….BUT….DONT MESS WITH MY TRUMP….

Jenny G.

How would he know, it’s call private. He would have to open up everyone to find out if the vote was for Trump or not.

If you were actually to use your brain (assuming you possess one), you would realize that there’s no way to identify “Trump ballots” without destroying all the ballots you investigate. There are sealed envelopes you would need to rip apart to see who a voter chose, so you’d just be destroying ALL the ballots you messed with. In addition, anyone who actually WAS doing this would know that it’s a felony, and bragging about it on twitter would subject him to prosecution. Naturally, this person does NOT work for the Postal Service, nor have access to ballots. However, it’s just… Read more »

How would he know who the ballot is for.


I called the Franklin County Board of Elections, in Colmbus, OH and was assured that this person DOES NOT WORK AT THE POST OFFICE. . . .