UNBELIEVABLE: CNN FALSELY Claims It’s Against The Law To Read WikiLeaks


The “Clinton News Network” aka CNN is no stranger to skewing the truth and outright lying to the public to fit their biased agenda. Well hmmm, logic would dictate that they would spew this lie because most of the leaked information exposes THEM! God only knows when (or if) this corruption will ever end. Watch this ridiculous clip:

“Everything you’re learning from [the leaked documents] you’re learning from us,” says the CNN anchor. NEWSFLASH! If this extremely biased news outlet is only telling us what THEY want us to hear, you’re not going to hear the whole truth!

According to Infowars, “A look at CNN’s current front page shows not a single article on Wikileaks except one titled, “US finds growing evidence Russia feeding emails to WikiLeaks” — which cites anonymous “officials” who provide zero evidence.

The most important up to this point, according to Wikileaks themselves, is the revelation Hillary Clinton knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS in 2014 yet took over $30 million from both nations through her crooked foundation. Additionally, Bill Clinton was given a $1 million dollar “birthday check” from ISIS funding Qatar.”

These facts alone should be enough to indict both Hillary and Bill Clinton for treason, but the sold out GOP are a bunch of cowards and traitors and would prefer Hillary beat Trump so the rigged system continues unabated.

H/T[Conservative Outfitters]


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