Trump Voters HORRIFIED To Learn Who Supplied Easily-Hacked Voting Machines


There has been much talk about the election being rigged in Hillary’s favor, even though the Clinton campaign pretends to be outraged that anyone would suggest such a thing. What’s funny is that the dems have many many times suggested the exact same thing when it comes to former President George W. Bush’s two consecutive wins. Now more than ever, evidence is right in front of everyone’s faces that this election is at least on some level being rigged. The increased use of easily hackable electronic voting machines makes it more plausible than ever that evil Hillary is pulling some major strings.

The company that builds the electronic voting machines that are in 16 major swing states, such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia are all provided by a U.K.-based technology company by the name of “Smartmatic.” The reason you should be paying attention to this seemingly small detail is that this is a company that has openly expressed interest in manipulating the outcomes of American elections. On their website, Smartmatic brags that they have provided more than 57,000 voting machines to the U.S. that are being used by the upwards of 35 million voters.

stanford-image-2-662x350Another key detail that is going unnoticed is that the chairman of Smartmatic is a man by the name of Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a member of the British House of Lords who just so happens to be on the board of Anti-American George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Soros, the billionaire who has deep ties to the United Nations and other Globalist bodies, has worked closely with the Clinton campaign through two different consulting firms: the Sawyer-Miller firm and FTI consulting. Mandy Grunwald, who worked with the Sawyer-Miller firm to aid former President Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory and Jackson Dunn, the senior manager for FTI worked for Bill and Hillary for over 15 years. Both of these individuals are working closely with Soros to ensure that Hillary attains the goal of a Globalist America if she is elected.

It’s not that far-fetched to assume that the company that provides these voting machines, given their backgrounds are working tirelessly to get Hillary into office? There has been past evidence of voting machines automatically changing votes to a particular candidate in the past which is usually brushed off as some sort of “glitch,” so why would they stop now? We have to get the word out and expose the fraud that is going on right under our very noses. Please share this with everyone you know! Knowledge is power!

H/T[Conservative Tribune]


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