Meet The Woman Who Makes Living By Stealing From Military Veterans and Conservatives

Since this woman wants to be a thief, she can enjoy being a famous thief.


If you call yourself a “Conservative,” there’s a lot of responsibility that comes along with that title. Basic concepts like morals, integrity, and honesty, are just a few traits that come to mind. But there’s a woman on Facebook claiming to be a Conservative, who’s currently making a living from stealing from military veterans, and many other conservative journalists. But perhaps worst of all, is if you confront this lovely woman, she will simply block you, while continuing to make money off the content she steals from you.

Meet Katie Bunney, the plagiarizer and thief. She claims to be a “journalist” writing under the pen name Katie McGuire, while working for Right Wing News. Hardly a “journalist,” unless you consider right clicking and pasting other people’s hard work onto your website as “journalism.”


I was first introduced to this thief by my good friend and fellow journalist Dom (Dom the Conservative), who found out Katie Bunney was ripping off her stories word for word. Dom explained to me that as soon as she contacted Bunney about the stories she had stolen, that Bunney immediately blocked her. Below is the message that Dom sent to Bunney, shortly before being completely blocked.

“Perhaps you need to be informed on what constitutes plagiarism. Quoting a line or even a few paragraphs is understandable as long as you’re citing the author. Copying and pasting entire articles, regardless of linking or citing, is plagiarism and making money from someone else’s work. You know very well that no one will click your link to the original source if they just got the entire story on your site.”


Dom the Conservative (left) Me on deployment in Iraq (right) serving my country

When I contacted Bunney, the exact same thing happened to me. I messaged the thief on both her journalism page (where she goes by “GOP Katie”) as well as her personal profile. I told Bunney that she had exactly 24 hours to remove the content that she stolen from me.

[Link to my article, Link to the one she stole from me]


But immediately after contacting her, I too was immediately blocked, and my messages went unanswered. Here’s where she blocked me on Facebook:


She blocked me from following her on Twitter also:

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-9-13-29-amBut Dom and I were not the only victims of Bunney’s thievery. A quick look at her “journalism” page shows something very disturbing. EVERY SINGLE STORY that’s on her page are ones that she has stolen from well-known Conservative sites. Her favorite place to loot as of lately, is Mad World News. Here’s the evidence I collected below.

What’s hilarious though, is that shortly after making a video to collect evidence on Bunney’s thievery, she changed the date of the story she stole from me, in order to make it appear as though she had written it first!

It must be nice making a living off of other people’s hard work. Here’s Bunney vacationing in Cabo, which I’m willing to bet wasn’t a cheap vacation.


That’s a nice hotel. She must’ve made quite a nice little chunk stealing from me and other hard-working Conservative journalists.


Here’s Bunney with her son. I wonder he knows that his mom makes a living from stealing from people?


I warned you what would happen if you didn’t remove my stolen content from your website, Katie. Now you can enjoy being internet famous, since you obviously enjoy attention so much.

If you would like to contact Bunney and let her know how you feel about her stealing from military veterans and Conservatives, there’s several ways you can contact her:

Facebook profile===> LINK 

Journalism page===> LINK

Twitter===> LINK





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She must being auditioning for the Clinton Foundation. You get ‘er good. 🙂


Good Work. She has now shut down her social media sites. Can’t stand plagiarism.


Confirmed they’re down ? good job standing your Ground!