Liberal Media Claims Trump Hasn’t Paid Taxes in 20 Years, There’s Just 1 HUGE Problem


After illegally releasing Donald Trump’s tax forms, the New York Times struggles to illustrate Trump as a tax-swindler using a large deduction from a 1995 tax form as basis of their allegations.

During the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton attacked Trump for refusing to release his tax returns. She speculated that his tax returns would show that he paid little federal income taxes. She cited tax documents that were obtained by Politico showing that Trump had not paid any federal income tax during two years in the 1990’s due to claimed business losses in 1995.

What the New York Times failed to mention is that Trump is one smart business man. According to the Federal Tax Code, an individual is allowed to offset their personal income with losses in various partnerships and business venture. Trump could have legally used his losses in 1995 to avoid paying taxes for eighteen years.

America’s Freedom Fighters reports:


Of course, the Clinton campaign weighed in via Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook. He states that it “reveals the colossal nature of Donald Trump’s past business failures and just how long he may have avoided paying any federal income taxes whatsoever.”

It’s funny that neither the Times nor Mook has seen fit to mention the Clinton Foundation – how that standard for a charity of the size of the foundation to distribute to charity would be roughly 65%, except the Clinton Foundation only donates roughly a measly 5%?  Where’s the Times on this topic? Hmm, I wonder??

The Times report also mentioned that tax experts found NO EVIDENCE OF WRONG DOING connected with Trump’s 1995 tax returns, though they are quick to point out that the large loss claim would most certainly have drawn the attention of the IRS. Could that be why he claims to have been audited by the IRS so many times?   Or given that the IRS has been implicated in the targeting of conservative or Republican groups and individuals? IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is undergoing impeachment proceedings for lying under oath and impeding a congressional investigation.

Trump isn’t a criminal nor is he a liar, unlike Hillary Clinton. He plays by the rules while she bends them every which way she can.

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]


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