LEAKED: Hillary Would Completely BAN The Most Popular Guns In America If Elected President

God help us if this woman is elected president.


There’s so many reasons for Americans to not vote for Hillary that it would take an entire month to list them. One of those reasons is this evil woman’s tyrannical plans to strip us of our Second Amendment rights. But what many people do not realize is that if this woman becomes president, that she would ban many of Americans’ favorite guns, as revealed a bombshell report that was just leaked.

In a recent WikiLeaks dump, we got an inside glimpse into Hillary’s sinister plans to trample all over our gun rights if she becomes president. If you thought Obama’s tyranny with bypassing Congress and enacting his will via executive orders was insane, it won’t hold a candle to this woman’s plans. She blatantly expressed how she would impose massive gun control through executive fiat in a manner “more aggressive than Obama,” while chipping away at our Second Amendment rights with a myriad of new regulations and gun laws.

While Hillary likes to pump us full of BS that “law-abiding Americans wouldn’t be targeted” with her tyrannical plans, her broad and evasive gun control measures would directly affect Americans with no criminal records, while having zero impact on the behavior of violent criminals.

One example, is Hillary calling for the “reinstatement of the national assault weapons ban and a prohibition on high-capacity magazines.” But the result of her “assault weapons” ban would essentially take up a massive category of firearms, to include the popular AR-15, while making “high capacity” magazines illegal to even possess. Anyone refusing to destroy or turn their stuff over to the government, would then be a felon.

We all know these types of regulations are completely ineffective in preventing gun violence, since criminals have no regard for laws in the first place, and are obviously not going to turn over their guns just because Hillary Clinton decides to pass a freaking law.

Her other Constitutional-subverting plan is to pass a law making it legal for “victims of gun violence” to sue gun manufacturers, which would quickly bankrupt these companies. But Hillary’s biggest goal is to ban all guns in America completely, by utilizing the Supreme Court to revisit the District of Columbia v Heller (2008) ruling. If successful, the court would eliminate it’s previous affirmation that it is an individual’s Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

When you put all the pieces together, Hillary’s plans for America is nothing short of chilling. History taught us the brutal lesson about what happens when a populace is unarmed, with images of gaunt corpses from Nazi concentration camps coming to mind. Add Hillary’s gun-grabbing plan to her dream of turning America into a borderless society and flooding our country with hundreds of millions of Muslim refugees, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

God help us if this woman is elected president. Continue to share stories like this and tirelessly work to expose this woman before election day. Once she’s in office, the America that we know and love will be drastically transformed into a third-world country crap hole, and Hillary’s life-long plans will be complete.

H/T [Breitbart]



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