“HILLARY GROPED ME” After 10 Years of Silence, Female Journalist Comes Forward With Horrifying Story


We all know by now that the media has tried to portray Donald Trump as a sexual predator, with the only thing they were able to dig up on him being a private conversation he had 11 years ago. While what Trump said may have been in poor taste, it doesn’t hold a candle to the heinous ACTIONS that the Clinton family has committed. Murder and lies aside, we all are well aware of the countless sexual assault accusations that have been aimed at Bill Clinton. What is a little less known, however, is that Hillary is right there with him and possibly rivaling her husband in the depravity of her sexual nature. People are now coming forward in droves, telling their stories with the trending hashtag #HillaryGropedMe on Twitter.

hgmOne such victim has come forward after ten years of silence and now that her brave video has gone viral, many more are joining in, sharing the gruesome details of what this maniacal decrepit wench has done to them. Prissy Holly, a conservative journalist, recounts her terrifying encounter with Hillary many years ago in shocking detail. Prissy Holly, who at the time was an aspiring journalist says she was on board a flight to Washington DC, when she excused herself to use the restroom. Before she was able to shut the door, a stocky woman with huge shoulder pads and a menacing yellow grin burst into the bathroom. “She said she had something really important to give to me, but it had to be in private” Holly said.  “She just kept staring at my breasts the whole time, the next thing I knew she completely forced herself on me. She ripped my blouse, she reached up my skirt and just began groping me with her old lady talons.” Watch the chilling video below:

Prissy’s brave video has been viewed tens of thousands of times and at one point was even the number one trending topic on Twitter. Her bravery to speak out has inspired countless others to come forward with their tragic stories. Although there’s no witnesses or any evidence whatsoever, we have to take these people at their word! They said it so it must be true, right? Hillary’s depravity knows no bounds nor gender, and males and females alike are sharing their terrifying stories with the world. Here is another video of a male victim’s heartbreaking story:

Obviously this is all satire, but it just goes to show how easily someone’s name can be slandered. Although I wouldn’t put it past Hillary to actually do something like this, it truly shows the hypocrisy of the left and the biased media. The media is so quick to jump on some trivial BS, but constantly white washes and turns a blind eye to the sick things that the entire Clinton family has ACTUALLY done. Please share this with everyone you know! We have to spread the word! #HillaryGropedMe


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Satire? Shit, I was getting excited for a minute lol