Hidden Camera Catches Hillary’s Staffer Bragging About The Sick Thing He Does to Women

The startling hypocrisy of liberals yet again is on full display.


Hillary along with the left continue to make a huge deal over Trump’s “locker room” moment from 2005, where he made disparaging remarks about women. But a sickening video just surfaced of Hillary’s own staffers, showing that perhaps liberals should get their own house in order before pointing fingers at the other side.

The investigative group Project Veritas frequently goes undercover to expose corruption, recording audio and video encounters with various political and government officials. They became notorious last year, after exposing Planned Parenthood for their baby part-selling scheme. In their latest investigation, the journalists’ sites were set to expose Hillary’s crooked staff, and what they caught is utterly vile. Now with the leak of this footage, Americans will have a look at the startling hypocrisy that goes on in Hillary’s campaign and behind closed doors, as they were just caught having a little “locker room” moment of their own.

The journalists went with hidden cameras to chat up Hillary’s filed organizer, Wylie Mayo, at a West Palm Beach bar. Shortly into the conversation, the Mayo begins bragging about how he’s able to grab co-workers’ asses without fear of being fired because of the rampant sexual misconduct that goes on inside of Hillary’s own campaign.

“I think the bar of acceptable conduct in this campaign is pretty low,” he stated with a laugh. “To be fired I would have to grab Emma’s ass twice and she would have to complain about it, I would have to sexually harass someone.”

Then another voice off-camera says to Mao, “she says she wants to go to Hillary’s thing at Coral Springs.” “Tell her to get in line,” Mao responds.

Hillary staffer Mark Hodges then adds from off screen: “Tell her to f*** off and volunteer for US Weekend because it’s a weekend of action, and you can’t win votes at a fucking rally.”

The video concludes with the undercover journalist approaching Mao at a different location — now wearing a different shirt —and asks Mao, “Hey Wylie. I’d just like to ask you a little bit about the sexual conduct going on with the Hillary campaign. Is the bar pretty low?”

The startling hypocrisy of liberals yet again is on full display. Why is it perfectly acceptable for Hillary’s own staffers to engage in blatant sexual misconduct, but Trump is chastised over his mere use of “mean” words he said over a decade ago? What is it about this woman constantly choosing to surround herself with sexual deviants and predators? After spending years defending her rapist husband, maybe these type of individuals are just Hillary’s kind of people!

H/T [The Daily Caller]


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