Don’t Believe the Polls: See REAL PEOPLE’S Reaction to Hillary’s Live Feed


Do you not find it strange that despite the media saying that Hillary is leading in the polls, hardly anyone in real life is actually fully on board with her? Hillary has held multiple “huge” rallies with only a handful of people actually attending. Not to mention the fact that the easily hacked and manipulated electronic voting machines are being funded by none other than George Soros. With just two short weeks left before the election is to take place, the Clinton campaign is going nuts trying to ensure that she wins… At any cost.

Hillary live streamed her speech on Facebook today, and the number of unimpressed Facebook users was astonishing. With little angry emojis floating across the screen for almost the entire duration of her speech, it is easy to gather that she is definitely NOT America’s number one choice for president. According to 100 percent fed up, 90% of the comments that were flooding in were all negative statements about her. Near the end of Hillary’s speech, she stated that whichever candidate has the most enthusiastic voters is the one who is going to win the election. Well, dream on Hillary, because according to these screen shots, she doesn’t have the most supportive fan base. (Other than the paid actors that get bussed in to attend all of her rallies.


It’s pretty well known at this point that everything is fake and rigged, especially when it comes to the media’s claim that she packs stadiums at her rallies with eager supporters. One of my personal favorite screenshots from a Facebook user by the name of Kathy Marinacci, says “Show the crowd.” I’d like to see that too, actually. The last time I watched coverage of one of her rallies, I noticed that she couldn’t even fill up a small school’s gymnasium. So tell me again how she is supposedly leading if she barely has anyone supporting her.


It’s quite unsettling and even scary to know that she is clawing her way to “the top” without actually being anywhere near it. God help us all if this crooked evil woman is our next President.

H/T[100 percent fed up]


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