[WATCH] Creepy Clown Messes With The Wrong People, Promptly Gets The Crap Beat Out Of Him


In the following video, you will see what happens when a prank goes horribly wrong. As we continue to see incidents of creepy clowns popping up in parts of the United States, one group of people weren’t having it when they came across a clown that was trying to scare the crap out of them on an abandoned road.

After several men exit the car, one begins attacking the clown with a baseball bat and unloading punches and kicks on the fallen clown.  Another man joins into the fray, and continues the assault the clown with punches and kicks. Then they leave the clown in the road as the video ends.

While I am not saying what the clown did was right, it was actually a very stupid thing to do messing with a car full of people on what looks to be a dark road in the middle of no where.

This video just shows us how stupid people have gotten and how thuggish of a society we have become.



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