BUSTED: Hillary Has Closed Door Meeting With Elections Director In Possible VOTER FRAUD SCHEME

It's becoming brazenly apparent that Hillary Clinton will steal this election if she isn't stopped.


It’s becoming brazenly apparent that Hillary Clinton will steal this election if she isn’t stopped. We continue to see disturbing evidence of this emerge, as Liberals are pulling out all the stops to employ massive voter fraud across the nation.

More proof of a rigged system has just surfaced in Florida, after several people have reported that Florida election’s director Brenda Snipes met with Hillary in a closed-door meeting several days ago.



Conservative Treehouse has more: 

Anyone with any political knowledge is aware the best chances for Hillary Clinton in Florida come from two specific counties, Broward and Dade.  It is not coincidental that both counties continue to be the historic nucleus of multiple voting irregularities.

This year is no different.  In a recent series of events Broward County is at the epicenter of another voting malfunction.  However, this one might not be a mistake, it might be by design.   The essential outline of the current year concern surrounds a scheme to present double voting to benefit Hillary Clinton:

Broward County officials intentionally screw up sending out mail-in ballots to a key demographic constituency.  The correction therein then allows the same official to send a second set of ballots to the same constituency thus providing two possibly counted ballots for each voter.

Unreal. If we don’t continue to expose what’s going on, there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton will win. This is extremely chilling when you consider that her own supporters are voting multiple times, illegals and citizens from neighboring states are being bussed in by the buss loads into key areas, and that Hillary’s largest donor, George Soros, controls the voting machines in 16 different states!

H/T [Conservative Treehouse]




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