BREAKING: WikiLeaks Dumps More Emails, Promises Next Leak Will Lead To Hillary’s Arrest


It has been a very bad weekend for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Not only was Hillary smacked with the FBI reopening the investigation on her deleted emails, WikiLeaks promises more hits.

With just 9 short days left till the election, WikiLeaks dropped another batch of Podesta emails today. Though the email leaks have held tons of information that show just how corrupt the democratic party is, they have not been incredibly damaging to Hillary. Though that might be about to change according to Jullian Assange.

The founder of WikiLeaks, Jullian Assange, says that he has been holding back on and has something that could cripple Hillary, and lead to her arrest.

The emails that were released today show that the Clinton team was scrambling on how to deal with the release of these emails. In a series of emails that are dated from March 2015, it shows how they were trying to deal with a New York Times reporter who was digging into the deleted emails.

Excerpt of an email dating from March 2015
Excerpt of an email dating from March 2015

It seems according to the emails, that the Clinton team was trying to get out in front of the email scandal, but were worried that the Times was going to report on it. In another email released, it shows that her aides were actually using their own personal emails, instead of using their official addresses that they are supposed to use.

This prompted Clinton’s deputy Chief of Staff at State to ask, “why did her advisers at times use personal addresses to communicate with her?”

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-5-33-49-pmWith all this information being released, it seems that WikiLeaks is determined to nail Hillary against the wall. I can only hope that that is the case and this will bring Hillary to justice once and for all.

This is a huge shakeup, and I cannot believe that this will not will not sink Hillary’s corrupt ship. While I know that Hillary is a force to be reckoned with, the American people deserve answers. Hopefully, we will get them now.

What do you think?

H/T [ Dayton Daily News ]



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