BOMBSHELL: Anonymous Says Hillary Had Trump’s Tape From 2005 Doctored


On the day Wikileaks released another set of emails and just before the debate, a damaging video of Donald Trump saying vulgar things about women was released. However, an unlikely source is now questioning the recording and bringing to light some very interesting information.

A lot of questions have arose concerning the alleged recording of Trump objectifying women. Where has the video been for the last eleven years? Why didn’t it come out during the primaries instead of now? Why was it timed to supersede the damaging John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks?

Anonymous, the hacktivist collective has a brilliant and logical theory that addresses all of these questions. They propose that the audio is doctored to make it more controversial and that the original was harmless. Who would remember locker room banter from over a decade ago?

According to an audio expert cited by Anonymous, single word swaps would be extremely simple and easily hid in the ancient source.

“For that, you have to match the cadence and depths,” the source said about adding whole sentences, “but you could do it.” On changing single words, the source said, “If you wanted to change shoulder to p*ssy that would be easy.”

In a video just published on the Anonymous YouTube channel, they explain how doctoring the video could have been easily accomplished. They also claim to have an insider within the Trump campaign who claims that Trump isn’t that worried about the recording being mentioned in tonight’s debate.

The anonymous source who is close to Trump says about the Trump apology to the vulgar video. “Yes, there’s a lot of calls, a lot of fallout. Trump was asked to apologize immediately and he’s a team player so he did. But the core team is also very calm. They’re telling everyone to just wait for tomorrow night. This is sure to come up and they aren’t just ready. They’re aching for it,” the source said.

Wether or not Trump actually said these words doesn’t matter much. Many Americans understand that boys will be boys. However, it would be interesting to see some actual proof behind this claim by Anonymous.

H/T [Mad World News]


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I remember that video…I believe it was doctored…he said BREASTS…they let me touch their Breasts….because when they left the bus and Arianne was small breasted..I said even aloud…Well, TRUMP is not going to,like you! IF anyway to check voice over overlay..Check the word BREASTS! Much less offensive..not good..but less. Thank you! I left this info on his FB page….but…stupid he did not contest it as was audio..not his face and words from his mouth..HE could have fought this!!!! HELP!

Patricia Shafer

I believe the twelve women who since this tape have come forward with more stories of TRUMP SEXUALLY ABUSING WOMEN i BELIEVE TRUMP IS A RAPIST.